Friday, July 28, 2006

The Eve Online 0.0 Experiment - Post 003 - Medical Emergency


We began to have a chat about the world of Eve and he informed me that he used to be a pirate. I was not sure whether this was something to be worried about or reassured by.

At this point I jumped into the next system and when I got to the gate to the next system on from there, I saw that the player with the 5.0 standing was there waiting for me.

Clearly with such a high standing, he was no doubt waiting to safely usher me along in my heroic journey.

This was the result:

Destroyed items:

Basic Miner (Cargo)

I had gone a total of around 22 jumps into 0.0 before my first death. He then proceeded to ruthlessly pod me and I respawned at my clone station, making sure to pay 1024 isk for my new clone. (A princely sum indeed).

I continued in my conversation with Jackamo and told him I had just been killed. He recommended a different station, far into 0.0 and so I set my course for that one and after purchasing a new shuttle, began my journey yet again. "If at first you don't succeed, then try and try again." I decided that this would be my new motto.

I did not convo Rathama and did not send hate mail. If I am going to live out here, I should embrace death with a smile, every time it happens..... I just wish he had ransomed my pod for the 1024 isk cost of my clone and the 1500 isk platinum insurance I took out on my shuttle! I wonder if I would have caved in and paid. We will never know.

A few jumps later, Jackamo informed me that he had been "pulled out of warp by a deadspace camp" close to empire space, in 0.0 and had been destroyed by a bunch of ruthless bandits. I did not know such a thing was even possible.

Now I realised I was not even safe while in warp. Eve is a crushing and brutal place........

I flew on, deeper and deeper into the night, a myriad systems whooshing by, with not a single Concord sergeant major to protect me as I propelled myself towards my unknown destiny. Perhaps Jackamo was sending me 20 jumps to my death or perhaps he was just a nice guy, offering a n00b some helpful advice.

Amazingly, 20+ jumps later, I arrived unscathed and promptly docked at the station.

NO MEDICAL FACILITIES! ARRRGGGGGHHHHHHHH! I called up my map and saw that there was a station just 2 jumps away, with a recent ship kill. I had no choice, I had to risk it. I hoped and prayed that it would have a medical bay.

Two eternity-lasting jumps and I was there, propelling myself toward the station, my n00b heart racing uncontrollably. I was not attacked and managed to dock safely.


I paid approximately 5000 isk to transfer my clone, and a big grin spread across my face as I realised I was safely cloned, around 20+ jumps deep into 0.0.

According to the map, I was halfway between empire space and the outer reaches of nowhere. This seemed like a good place to base myself, although Jackamo warned me that this station was "dodgy"...

After a celebratory undocking from the station, followed by a quick redocking, I decided I would push on, even further into the dark beyond......

(to be continued......)


Anonymous Anonymous said...

You can filter stations by services. Go into the map and look for the stars display options and scroll down till you see stations services...

4:50 pm  
Anonymous Maddzy said...

I'm so dissapointed that you got killed by that guy. I actually said "Awww..." to myself.
You certainly write this stuff very well, I'm hooked on your adventure.

8:56 pm  
Blogger Timo Komi said...

I need more!

8:02 am  
Blogger Timo Komi said...

I need more!

8:03 am  

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