Friday, July 28, 2006

The Eve Online 0.0 Experiment - Post 006 - 6600 Jumps


In my uncontrollable excitement, I accidentally revealed my discovery in local.

Surprisingly, Lemmy did not seem bothered:

I had learned through reading on the Eve forums that there was a practice called "making a bookmark in deadspace" and I think it may just have saved my life.

I quickly warped to another asteroid field and hit "bookmark location" while I was halfway there. Upon landing, I then warped back to my bookmark. I was safe from the evil Zlake, or so I thought....

"Don't make me get my scanner and come out there and get you" - he threatened in local.

It was clear that these people were convinced that I was an enemy of Emilio Estevez and was there to bring down his comedy franchise empire.

"Why did you run?" - enquired Zlake.

Personally, I thought that the answer to this question was patently obvious but I decided not to fan the flames further and came up with this:

"I was enjoying the conversation in local" - I meekly replied.

I was desperately wondering if Zlake's scanner was homing in closer on me with each passing second. I felt like a cornered animal, glaring into the eyes of the lion that was about to pounce.....

After playing cat and mouse with the gargantuan brute Zlake for a while, something unexpected happened. He decided to announce that he was going to bed and made the following threat in local:

"Well I'm gonna log out, so long as you don't run away or anything" - he shouted forcefully.

I pondered this unusual statement for a while and sure enough he logged out before I could agree to his terms.

"It's just you and me, ignore Sephron" - said Lemmy, reassuringly.

Over the next 20 minutes or so I began to talk to lemmy about life in the outer reaches of the universe and he assured me that I would not be able to dock without selling my soul to an alliance.....

I felt the pressure building on my shoulders, but decided that I would find my own way to besiege this fortress and gain entry. I was determined to find a route in and to get to meet either The Wizard, or Emilio Estevez brandishing a golden ice hockey stick.

Just as I was about to depart, Lemmy very unexpectedly decided to offer me a job:

"I will pay you a million isk if you go get me some armour repairers" - he said.

"I need 100 light and 100 medium armour repair drones and I will pay you 100k up front and 900k on delivery." - he added.

After negotiating the terms of this lucrative offer with the very kind and generous Lemmy, I had calculated that it would take 150 trips of 44 jumps per trip with my 10 m3 of cargo space in my shuttle to fulfil his request.

This meant that I was being offered a million isk for a mere 6600 jumps through 0.0 space. I was excited by this exploitative proposition but decided that I would not commit myself just yet. Again, I thanked Lemmy for his time, lifted my anchor and set a course for nowhere.

As I went through the gate to the next system, a thought flickered into my mind.

Perhaps D2 was a secret and cunning code:

"D" is the 4th letter of the alphabet and if I substitute "D" with "4", "D2" then becomes "42". Fans of the Hitchhikers Guide to the Galaxy will instantly recognise this number as it is a prominent and well known part of the storyline in the books. Perhaps I was onto something....

A few jumps later, I created a random spot in deadspace, parked my ship there and decided to log out for at least 24 hours.

I wanted to see how long it would take for someone to randomly find me and pod me. Would I still be in the same place the next day when I logged back in, or would I find myself back in my clone station? Only time would tell....

(to be continued......)


Anonymous Anonymous said...

If you log out, your ship stays there (in space) for about a minute or so assuming you do not have an aggression timer on you.
An aggression timer is if someone gets a shot off on you before you run away or if you shoot someone and then run. It lasts for 15 minutes and is there so if you try to log off people can hunt you down for trying to escape. In any case if you dont have the timer your ship will warp exactly 1 au in a random direction and disappear from space (as long as you remain in the ship) if you eject the ship will stay in space.

5:11 pm  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

What if that guy would have given you a hauler to do the work? I would have at least asked. Not a very likely scenario, but possible, even more so because a) you were a harmless noob, and b) he was already willing to risk his armor rep bots with you transporting them.

12:14 am  

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