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The Eve Online 0.0 Experiment - Post 030 - Southern Blues

Southern Blues

As I sat and learned the shocking past events of the tumultuous South, a deep and fundamental understanding of the richness of the EVE universe hit me, in a manner not entirely dissimilar to being forcefully struck by a "turkey slap". The EVE universe was a living breathing organ and it was "in your face"....

Apparently, back in January of this year, a group called G and a group called IRON had joined together and had brutally launched an attack on ASCN in an attempt to seize one of their stations.

At this point, I stopped listening to the story for a second because I realised that I had not yet googled my hosts, to find out who they really were:

A quick search on Google revealed that ASCN were the:

American Society for Clinical Nutrition...

I considered this to be a worthy and lofty organisation, whose work, in direct contrast to the waistlines of many US citizens, was in desperate need of spreading. I made a note of this information as I was sure that it would prove to be invaluable later on.

I was further instructed that the seventh letter of the alphabet had disbanded some time afterwards and had founded the cult of Emilio. It would seem that Charlie Sheen's brother had had his hand further back in the deep and mysterious history of EVE than I had previously realised.

Apparently, the attack on the anti-hamburger brigade had taken place because G/IRON had previously launched an unexpected assault on STAIN alliance (I was too terrified to google this) and had brutally crushed them within a week.

My hosts informed me that this was a truly shocking event, as STAIN had been the biggest alliance in the game at the time. Spurred on by this glorious victory, G/IRON had marched further south in a militaristic conquest of grand designs and had launched a series of deadly attacks on the hot-dog haters.

However, these attacks were ultimately destined to fail...

The fascinating thing about this conversation was that I was beginning to develop an understanding of the nuances and complexities that underpinned the politics of the game.

It was then that I was informed of how the betrayal had occurred:

It would appear, if the words of these people were to be taken at face value, that the cult of emilio had ruthlessly and bitterly fired upon these dieticians whilst "being blue" to them. In other words, they had used one of the oldest military tricks in the book and had become friends with someone, only to then attack them, once their defences had dropped.

A shocking tactic that most would agree is either:

A) An abhorrable abomination of the most fundamental kind, exhibiting a total lack of ethics, morality and respect for human life and shunning all decency.


b) Brilliant.

I was intrigued by this but was also mindful that I was only hearing one side of this story. My corporation INNOMINATE NEUTRALITY had proudly declared itself to be neutral in all 0.0 regions, so I made sure not to make a judgement on this matter until I had heard the other side of the story.

I made a note in my journal to ask D2 about it when I returned to the north. Perhaps I would contact Satan for his infernal perspective on the matter.

The next morning, despite the assurances of my hosts that nobody would harm me during my visit, I discovered that I was actually about as safe as a guest on the Jerry Springer show when the guards and bouncers were unexpectedly taking the day off.

In a completely unprovoked and merciless assault, I found myself being shockingly attacked by none other than a member of ASCN.....

(to be continued...)


Anonymous Anonymous said...

I would love to here more about history and politics in Eve. I was directly involved on G side, its nice two see the other side of the medal.

7:53 am  
Blogger Mirasta said...

I heard IRON/G eat babies

8:32 am  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

beware of the hobbits!

10:53 am  
Anonymous Wokrred said...

From what I understood AXE attacked you. This came up after I posted on the POS fourms that you where heading our way.

If your still in the area have a visit :)

12:49 pm  
Anonymous Maddzy said...

Your blog has taken a nice turn, going from stories about your adventures to a kind of documentary about the past wars in EVE from the point of view of the people who fought them. Keep it up, you're doing a great job man.

1:52 pm  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

ASCN ganked me the other night and I was blue to them, don't listen to their whineing. Nerf ASCN.

5:00 pm  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Haha, interesting to hear the ASCN side of this.

*shakes head*

Keep up the good work

7:43 pm  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

ASCN is itself founded on betrayal, of their own brothers in arms, so no wonder they choose to see the same behaviour everywhere.

I think it will be an interesting experience for you to compare notes with the other side, if you really get to do it :)

Oh, and wasn't it SA that G/IRON came to attack, not SE? :)

8:04 pm  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

This is incredible, it is like reading livy write about the rome of his time, you are truly the first MMO historian.

11:43 pm  
Anonymous Torquemanda Corteaz said...

As you will definately learn, eve history stretches back a long time. I invite you back up to the north someday, to listen to the other side of the story, I will talk to our cult's high command about getting you set to blue, if lucifer hasn't already.

When our pilots read of your travels and experiences they will be most impressed and apologetic for any previous transgressions

2:49 am  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

NOOTMARE, myself and my corp read your blog entries every day, we appreciate the work you put into them, very entertaining eve-read please keep up your great work.


If you want century old blood feuds to report on, tumultuous tales of DDD (Death, Destruction & Deceit) come to Fountain :) (Absolutely no guarantee of protection thou, no mans land atm, hence would make an intresting adventure for you).

3:41 am  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

I for one would be honored for you to visit Fountain, people from both Horde, and Xelas alliance have heard of you. Although Outbreak and Celestial apocalypse are definately hostile.

3:46 am  
Anonymous Major Stormer said...

Xelas alliance would be happy to have you :)

12:41 pm  
Anonymous Reddari said...

ASCN didn't backstab, they didn't attack their former comrades, they simply consolidated their efforts to focus on 2 of the 5 regions XETIC had held previously.

The other 3 regions were easily up for grabs for the XETIC remainders who still were willing to fight but spread themselves out too thin while the fatcats of the alliance licked their milky paws in empire.

History of Fountain and the southern regions is complicated although it can be tossed aside with a witty line or two.

One thing INNOMINATE might want to observe is the fact that in Feythabolis there are no NPC-stations. The region (at this minute) contains 18 stations, 15 of which are hand-crafted by ASCN.

I don't think many empire dwellers realise the amount of work that goes into creating a station (outpost), nevermind the 20+ that ASCN & AXE have deployed over their domains.

p.s. Hope that Condor you bought from me serves you well.

4:03 pm  
Anonymous Therem Harth said...

ASCN formation was announced overnight, with no warning AT ALL to lots and lots of small/medium corporations of XETIC who died in the trenches daily helping defend territory with all they got. They were left out to dry, plain and simple, with very "nice" bullying terms shoved up their faces just a bit later, when they lost all their assets to hostiles ASCN has achieved separatist peace accord with, via CYVOK's wheeling and dealing behind the backs of most XETIC corps. All the consolidation stories are okay, ASCN did consolidate, it's just there is no need to lie about HOW that consolidation was achieved.

Skewing facts this way is the trademark of ASCN propaganda (along with heartily dispensed assurances that harbouring old grudges is a sin). There is a saying in Russian, which roughly translates thus: Who brings up the past, we poke an eye out; but who forgets, we poke both out. On just several occasions where I was able to communicate with rank-and-file membership of ASCN, those guys and gals recruited a good while after formation, I was totally horrified at how brainwashed they are in regards to their alliance history and actual interaction with the rest of EvE.

1:34 am  

Fascinating comments on this part of the story. The rivers of history run deep.....

7:42 am  

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