Saturday, September 23, 2006

The Eve Online 0.0 Experiment - Post 054 - A Den Of Stinking Evil (Part 2)

A Den Of Stinking Evil (Part 2)

I was absolutely livid with these rabid punks.

Why was it necessary to sit there for hours on end, getting high on various unmentionable narcotics, and brutally and bitterly podding those poor n00bs who were haplessly wandering through the jumpgates?

I could not even begin to fathom the depths of filth and depravity that these low-life residents of the back alleys of empire were stooping to.

I wondered if the hope and joy that had been in the world had just been sucked out of my field of vision, like a man who had been blind from birth suddenly regaining his sight, only to find that it was 2AM and he hadn't changed his lightbulbs in 28 years...

However, and to my total astonishment, these bitter vagrants were more than happy to reveal tactical information regarding how poor and defenseless n00bs could avoid their excruciating gatecamps:

My faith in humanity, not entirely unlike a recently cleaned classic Renaissance painting about to have a can of Pepsi poured over it, had been temporarily restored. As I had discovered through most of my journey in EVE, the people who seemed the most evil, and the most fearsome, were often more than willing to help, if one just took the time to speak to them.

From this point onwards, whenever I saw that flashing red light of doom on my overview, I would always be mindful that the killer sitting at the other end was a very sweet and lovely person...

Some time later, as I sipped a cool and refreshing pineapple cordial, I was invited into a thrilling private chat with one of the local low-lifes, who went by the name of "DaMiGe" and was surprisingly very friendly and helpful.

My conversation with DaMiGe reinforced my belief that many of the people who stalk the low and no security systems in search of "prey" do actually abide by certain codes of honour.

It would seem that the killers of EVE mostly played by moral rules, and were often more than happy to show respect, if they were shown the same respect in return (whilst they are mercilessly blowing your ship to smithereens)

We began to discuss my dream of building a n00b nursery in 0.0 and DaMiGe came up with an intriguing idea that would be cheap to implement and would give me an indication of just how possible it would be to defend an outpost, should the dream ever become reality:

It was an excellent suggestion.

If I could band together a group of fighters and attempt to maintain control of a random system on the map, then it would serve as useful experience of just how difficult it would be to defend a structure.

Like a glamorous stage magician, DaMiGe was then joined by his assistant, and began to teach me about one of the EVE alliances:

I had only heard fleeting references to "RED" during my travels, but it would appear that they mostly consisted of Russians and had recently taken a substantial kicking in the nether regions.

I decided that I would visit their territory at some point later on, and like a child opening a Babushka doll, would gradually peel off layer after layer of their history.

Unfortunately, Damige's lovely assistant then jumped into Heild, and was promptly podded by the two -10 pirates who were still camping the gate:

I wasn't quite sure if this was an outrage, or some kind of sweet poetic justice amongst thieves.

A short time later, I received a detailed evemail from a mentally imbalanced psycho who wanted all of my money, so I decided to reply with my own proposition of financial embezzlement:

(to be continued...)


Anonymous Anonymous said...

haha scammers have found a new low- sif fall for that =D defending a random system is a damn good idea innom- youre welcome to come to pureblind and try ur luck there-we offer the finest of wines and cheese for the devouring =)

7:47 am  
Anonymous Hydraxian said...

Damige ftw, INFOD are great guys and are great fun to be around.

11:29 am  
Blogger Matthias Clemi said...

true although ive only ever met a coupl they are great guys. YARRR

11:44 am  
Anonymous BrightCandle said...

There is a serious problem with trying to create an area for new players that they can go to for experience of 0.0. The problem is it will attract a very large number of pirates, defending it is likely to be very hard indeed.

12:26 pm  

Defending a random system is a very fun idea. I don't know how such a thing would impact my neutrality though.

Today and tomorrow I will be transferring all the shares that have been ordered up until now.

1:42 pm  
Anonymous Selene Fenestre said...

Hooray, im starting to see people I know in these blogs. I feel indirectly in the presence of celebrity. Much like a person that knows someone who knows someone who cuts the hair of a famous person :D

6:58 pm  


Sounds like something I would say...

7:01 pm  
Anonymous Anonymous said...


Prince Muju contacted u to???

I feel like I've been betrayed!

7:45 pm  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Innominate, you should cruise on over to fountain and try to defend a system out here in the wilderness. We would probably welcome the stability.

Fountain, it's like that part of town where you shouldnt park your car.

8:44 pm  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

SO how are the share sales going? can we get a wallet update?

8:47 pm  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

you wouldn't have to worry about gatecamps so much if CCP would finally come with that 'improbability drive' module.

1:50 am  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

The 'improbability drive' module had to be scrapped b/c the test pilots kept ending up in WOW and DAOC...

3:04 am  
Anonymous dsi1 said...

lol I would love a improbability drive module.

3:23 am  

Or into the tradeskilling area in Everquest 2, which chained me into eternal servitude with its hypnotic music......

Latest sceenshot coming on next update.

3:23 am  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

How is going to end? how is he going to end he going around for ever, or slip more posts, i think he has think about this...

1:09 pm  
Anonymous Sonic Slayer said...

Heh I see you spoken with some of my corpmates in DarkSide. Interesting idea of defending a random system, easier said than done especially since you seem to be an attention magnet where ever you go :P. Interesting times lie ahead indeed. As usual, I wish you good fortune in your travels.

5:56 pm  

Thank you very much, Sonic.

I am happy to report that your corpmates are scum of the most noble kind.......

10:09 pm  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Dude.. you guys got souped...


1:36 pm  

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