Sunday, September 17, 2006

The Eve Online 0.0 Experiment - Post 048 - Rites Of Passage

Rites Of Passage

I gently sat back in my pod and considered the events that had led to where I was today.

The beginning of my adventure was still quite fresh in my mind, and had begun with me heading in a random direction to the north and encountering the reckless minions of Emilio Estevez, who had mercilessly chased me all over the Venal region.

The Mining Coalition were currently away on business, but before they had left, I had learned that they were not as neutral as they had made out:

Before they had departed to enact their next secret excavation contract, I had had the pleasure of being shot at from a very far distance by one of their fearless miners.

Ikvar had invited me to be accosted from 230km. Previously in my adventure, I had been bitterly attacked by a battleship from a distance of 190km and I had been very impressed with this range.

Having the chance to now be brutally podded from 230km was a mouth-wateringly exciting prospect indeed, so I had quickly jumped at the opportunity and was amazed to see that he was able to destroy my shuttle in one quick and painless hit.

After being obliterated into a billion pieces, I had then been informed that maximum range was, in fact, an incredulous 249km...

A truly astonishing distance.

My thoughts returned to the present and I observed that 48 hours had now passed since I had launched the incredible IPO for my corporation INNOMINATE NEUTRALITY.

Not entirely unlike two newly discovered chemicals meeting for the very first time, my IPO had prompted some very interesting reactions. I paused for a moment to analyse the consequences of my new career as the CEO of a multinational corporation that proudly produced nothing.

I had received in excess of 100 evemails as a result of announcing the equity release, and every single one had been complimentary and encouraging of my first foray into the economic side of EVE.

Nonetheless, a few pilots had felt disenchanted by my new interest in corporate activities, and had expressed this disappointment via other channels. It was extremely fascinating to see how different people can view the same events in differing ways, and this reinforced my belief that in many ways the EVE universe is a reflection of real life.

During the course of my journey thus far I had always been happy to receive brutal criticism as well as outrageous flattery, and I wondered in what ways the fact that I was now a well-heeled CEO would affect my image.

I still felt like that wide-eyed n00b who had stepped into the world with an exciting sense of adventure, but was I still that same youthful adventurer? Perhaps I was passing through a rite of passage and found that I was once a boy, now growing through experience into a man, to proudly stake my claim on a piece of this bewildering plane of existence.

Would I succumb to the evils of money and one day look in the mirror to see a megalomaniac coin-hoarder staring back at me and hell bent on the accumulation of isk? Or would the experience benefit me by opening up more opportunities than I ever could have dreamt of, to explore the wondrous world of EVE even further? Only time would tell...

I looked at the extensive list of my new shareholders and was truly amazed at just how much my fellow EVE pilots had wanted to support me, by investing in a corporation that did not yet have a single business plan.


The IPO was still open and I wondered just how much would be raised by the time it closed. In my mind, I was still merely a man in a shuttle, but I now found myself with a balance rapidly approaching one billion isk.

It was then that I came up with my very first idea to generate a whopping fortune for my shareholders...

(to be continued...)


Anonymous Kelevraen said...

Doubt you remember me, but we first spoke when you were just beginning your adventure. It seems now that you've become quite the interstellar celebrity. Good stuff, I say. Just exactly how do you intend to make your shareholders rich? I might have to invest a good sum into your stocks. =P

2:34 pm  
Anonymous NeoTech said...

He's probably going to buy a destroyer and 7 mining lasers!. :P maybe retreat back into ASCN space and mine some Crokite :P

5:36 pm  
Anonymous Mirasta said...

Wanna share :P

6:18 pm  

Kelevraen, I vaguely remember speaking to you, around the time I spoke with jackamo and was podded by rathama.

Damn neo, you discovered my ingenious mining plan.

Mirasta, absolutely not..... :p

7:03 pm  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

As long as you keep writing, you could buy Quafe and donate it to orphans till your broke.

I bet most persons that invested in Innominate Neutrality were investing in the story and to show support for you and your adventure more than anything

7:31 pm  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Damn I was hoping to see my name on the list but it was too small lol.

Keep up the good work though.

10:08 pm  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Wooo, i can see my name on the shareholder gonna be famous!

10:30 pm  

Full screen picture of the shareholders as of this morning is here:

12:00 am  
Anonymous Ket Halpak said...

I hope there is still 50 shares for sale, ill try to buy them when i get online next, in about 8 hours, damn work

2:04 am  
Anonymous Kelevraen said...

How many shares sold so far, Inno?
I spent a portion of my bank on a faction ship earlier, so I'm still considering investing in a corporation with no products. =p

I'd convo you in game but you're probably flooded with that, heh.

Give us an update! What's your plan? =)

2:15 am  
Anonymous Ket Halpak said...

MY GOD!!!!!, i just checked that full sized image, all that money, im so jelouse, if i had that kind of money id finaly buy a hulk and a raven

2:18 am  
Anonymous Kia Lotus said...

Wow, who'd have thought this idea would be such a hit!
Hope you're saving a share or two for me, Mr Nightmare.

3:13 am  
Anonymous Syzdothyx said...

Woot! There's my name 10th one down :) I can now die happy having been mentioned in a screen shot by Innominate Nightmare.

Well worth the isk ;p

Love the blog, keep up the good work.

4:57 am  
Anonymous Selene Fenestre said...

*slaps forehead*

Now why didn't I think of such a devilish money raising scheme, instead of scratching around in the dirt for 1 ISK notes and crumbs of Trit...

9:21 am  

You see, this is why you should never get involved with reporters....

1:50 pm  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

OMG I see INNOMINANT NOOTMARE has inested... is that allowed???

Insider trading and all that... Go on, admit it... he's really a secret alt of yours...

5:15 pm  

LOL, insider trading. I would call that schizophrenic trading.

It would appear that Nootmare did not discover my impersonations of him in ASCN space after all and has now invested 20 million isk into his doppelganger....

I am trying to post the next update as we speak but both eve files and the blogger image hosting are down, so I will twiddle my thumbs for a while.

5:40 pm  
Anonymous dsi1 said...

What is the largest amount of shares bought at one time?

6:11 pm  

dsi1, Two people have become GOLD purchasers , investing 100 million isk each.

6:43 pm  
Anonymous Coren Skyus said...

Innominate, I am a bit concerned... just who is this Farnett and what exactly are you buying from him, or giving him the ISK for? As shareholder's, you we have the right to know! :)

Take care,


2:55 pm  

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