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The Eve Online 0.0 Experiment - Post 050 - Peas In A Pod (Part 1)

Peas In A Pod (Part 1)

I forcefully resolved to cast asunder the feelings I still held for Missytrex.

Part of this horrid emotional quagmire had stemmed from the guilt I had invariably felt at having engaged in lusty romps behind her back with the young strumpet Frivolous.

It was then that I was contacted by a pilot called Alekseyev, who wanted to offer me some very helpful advice on how to learn more about constructing a stunning and mystifying station in 0.0.

I had spent the night thinking about this exciting subject and was now becoming severely convinced that just maybe I could change the face of EVE for the better by creating a virtual paradise where n00bs could revel and relax in luxury and joy.

Various people had told me that it is hard for a n00b to go to 0.0 without being in an alliance. Maybe I would become the pioneer who would change that and open up a safe haven.

I laughed after thinking this because I realised that a few days ago my major thoughts had been about trivial matters such as where to buy my next shuttle from, and all of a sudden I now found myself researching the technicalities of creating a station.

What a bewildering place, this enthralling world of EVE...

I asked Alekseyev if he knew of any specialists that I could speak to:

The "ISS" had been mentioned to me many times in the past by other pilots during my journey. I also knew that they were liked by my friends in ASCN, so it would seem to be a prudent place to visit to gather more information about just how feasible this wild and crazy idea would actually be to implement.

I was somewhat concerned that even if I did manage to somehow build a station, it could easily be taken away by rampaging murderous scoundrels. However, I had been privy to some top secret information that I was sure could avert that very thing happening:

It would appear that the viking Gods of EVE were able to enforce ceasefires! The joy I expressed at this discovery was truly unsurpassed!

All I need to do now was to go to the babelfish website and learn the Icelandic for "enact a ceasefire while I build an outpost" and my problems would all wash away like driftwood from a shipwreck being pulled by the tumultuous currents of the waters.

A few days previously, I had been contacted by a pilot who went by the name of Phyrr, who had given me some fantastic information that, at the time, was utterly irrelevant and meaningless:

He had provided me with a link to the bio of a pilot who was called "Podee" and whose sole purpose was to get podded as many times as is humanly (or inhumanly) possible:

Despite the fact that her bio stated that she wanted to hunt me down, I couldn't help but admire her insane commitment to the relentless orchestration and statistical tabulation of her own deaths.

Earlier in my adventure I had also sought out my own podding, by launching a kamikaze smacktalking mission up in the north, so it was only natural that I felt a great affinity with this mysterious and macabre pilot.

However, she had very clearly and publically stated that she was intent on bringing about my bitter downfall, so I resolved that I would do my utmost to avoid her.

I finally podded myself outside the Mercenary Coalition HQ and moved my clone to Heild. My IPO was still open and I was just about to sit down in my corporate office to check the list of new shareholders who had come on board since yesterday, when I noticed this:

Podee had hunted me down and was camping the station...

(to be continued...)


Anonymous Anonymous said...

just a friendly advice:
building a station (outpost) is an extremely hard task, first you need POS's (Player Owned Stations) to claim sovereignty on the system you wan't to build in.
then you need HUGE ammounts of NPC items hauled from empire which cost roughly about 24 bil ISK (not mentioning the minerals you need as well)
and after that's done you also need to wait a few days and guard it the whole time...

4:17 pm  

Sounds easy then. I'll get straight on it...

4:33 pm  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Invest it all in ISS stock hehe...


5:38 pm  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

You should talk to ASCN, they have built more outposts than all other alliances combined.

7:05 pm  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Wow that podee person is kinda creepy lmao.

9:16 pm  
Anonymous Logan Feynman said...

I saw Podee a few days ago and wondered when she would appear somewhere in your blog. I put her in the "plain weird" folder in my buddy list.

And the bad news - only an alliance can claim sovereignty and thus build a POS. I'm afraid you will have to found an alliance.

The other comments speak the truth, I would suggest talking to ISS, perhaps you could join their alliance and build your outpost - your corp would remain neutral in this. However, you still need about 22 bil ISK. I suggest you recapitalise and issue more stock.

2:13 am  
Anonymous Kelevraen said...

Hey Inno. I haven't really thought of any outrageous ideas about what you should do with the money, but you should definitely hop into a cruiser (if you haven't yet..) and fly around in style!

Get something stylish! Something suave and debonaire! Something that will tell people you're rich, and that you have a bubble bath and a wine cellar inside your pod.

Also, have you come up with something for your clients yet? Building your own POS, while possible, probably isn't the best idea. I'm still somewhat of a noob and might be wrong, but I just wouldn't recommend it.

5:11 am  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

There is a largescale vicious war taking place between good and evil in the providence region, involving many interesting factions.

ISS, Ushra'Khan, (and friendly alliances) on one side


A group of pirate corporations, intent on creating mayhem.

In visiting the area, particularly the 9UY4-H system, you may meet some of the most notorious pirates, as well as those representing "good", and leaders of the ISS navy.

5:22 am  
Blogger The Mute said...

I agree with Anonymous. You should come to 9UY4-H and see what a seige on an outpost is like. Several fleets have been clashing for weeks now, POS are destroyed almost as fast as they are put up and fields of frozen corpses surround every stargate. We of the Ushra'khan fight to defend what we have created and the pirate forces have vowed to take it from us.
This is war at its most brutal.

6:48 am  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

5isk the innominate nightmare, will not pod her just war away...or ram her over over again...

8:24 am  

This is a good suggestion, to visit a vicious battlefield where heroes and villains clash in a tumultuous cataclysm.

11:35 am  
Anonymous bernielomax said...

Perhaps you can rather use your fortune to start a "Backpacker Fellowship" that has a good standing with the owners of different stations in 0.0 space. Thus these stations, which all should be in exotic locations around the universe could provide lodging and other facilities for these travelling guests.

But as you learnt earlier; someone might abuse this if they install a clone and later on join a corporation that has a different stance. I am not sure tho

1:59 pm  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

I discovered Podee flying around 3rd Front space the other day, so i podded her/him.

Very strange person.

3:21 pm  
Anonymous Coren Skyus said...

Innominate, just keep exploring in your n00bness and writing about them, and don’t worry about the shareholders. Keep your adventures going and don't loose sight of your convictions... the last thing we need in EVE is another capsuleer giving advice on starting and running a POS.

If one day you decide to not re-clone and vanish like a cloud of veldspar dust, so be it. If this happens, in the eyes of neutrality - I would just pay back everyone minus one share each for all to remember you by... don’t let the pressure of CEO get to you and ruin your adventures.

Go explore the massive war as previously mentioned and report back to us all in a way that only you can!


Just say NO to INNOY Outpost

3:36 pm  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

signed coren...
so true!

4:56 pm  

but i already have a name for the outpost....

5:48 pm  
Anonymous Coren Skyus said...

Mr. Nightmare,

I do think the POS would be a really fantabulous idea and I am sure with your pull you can get some backing to defend it, I just fret that this terrific storyline will take a turn for the worse with the introduction of daily POS jabber... ramble ramble ramble.

If that is what you so choose, however, I will still be a loyal INNOY minion... just glazing over the POS talk.

Best of luck!


How about a hint on the name... or is that top secret?

7:55 pm  

Ah, so you can be swayed if the outpost will have a flashy name, eh?


12:57 pm  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

i can't...

1:51 pm  
Anonymous Coren Skyus said...

Mr. Nightmare,

Well no, not really. I didn’t want to get into the technicality of it all, :) but since you asked... I get enough POS talk in the evenings with my corp - your blog has become a 5 minute part of my morning... thus looking forward to unique banter about EVE.

When all this started, you were about if a n00b with 1 million ISK could survive in low security --- now, at that time I took it as ANY n00b, and of course we all know that getting 5 billion ISK for any other is like a vegetarian ripping through a large t-bone steak… but now I see maybe this whole time I have been mistaken – and the story was about THE n00b, not just a random Experiment with Innominate as the control. Guess I should have paid more attention to the clues. :)

In the mean time, while you pay millions to ISS and your INNOY structure suffers relentless attacks from dreadnought pirates and you’re continually purchasing ICE to support it – will you really be continuing with your initial stated goals and getting to a conclusion with your experiment?

If you want to get the best bang for your buck (and have monies left over for Exotic Dancers and gallons of Quafe) – why not start up a spin-off corporation named [insert your catchy name here] and purchase one of the new ISS Cassini Office packages (or their jump clone deal) and let n00bs join that corporation? That would give them access and a home in low security; where you would not have to stress about it properly being defended, etc. and you could continue on with your n00bish adventures, while your fellow followers defend off Battleship spawns while mining in their Ibis waiting for a corp President to emerge.

Just my two (err 72) cents.


3:19 pm  


That was quite a rant.

I will take you comments on board and will point the distraught n00bs in your direction when their dreams of a safe haven are destroyed.....


5:10 pm  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

yeah but i agree with him 100%!
building an outpost all by yourself is impossible...
even if you hire other guys you simpley won't have the ISK

5:54 pm  

I will not have my dreams of a n00b paradise crushed by nay-saying shareholders!

I will veto you all with my 50.001% of the corporation!

7:01 pm  
Anonymous coren skyus said...

Oh gosh, please dont!

Onward and upward with your shuttle building.


7:41 pm  

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