Friday, September 15, 2006

The Eve Online 0.0 Experiment - Post 047 - Share And Share Alike

Share And Share Alike

Some time later, I undocked from the station, ejected from my ship, and flew around for a while in my pod, to desperately try to clear my mind.

I had truly begun to fear that I was losing my marbles, because when I had attempted to stop my pod, the text that appeared at the top of the list of options had read as follows:

I wallowed some more in my sadness at the depressing events that had transpired in the past few days. However, a few moments later my thoughts turned to a subject that I believed would become a glimmer of hope on a dark horizon of depression and gloom.

As a result of my interview with the EVE tribune, a lot of people had started requesting shares in my neutral fence-sitting corporation INNOMINATE NEUTRALITY.

This was an intriguing development and was something that would allow me to start exploring the financial side of the EVE universe.

Until now I had only flown around in a clueless manner, engaging in wild physical adventures and escapades. I had not given thought to financial adventures, even though they are a large part of the game for many players.

I liked the idea of becoming a wealthy money man, generating vast fortunes for myself and my investors, and I envisaged myself walking down the streets of Stain in a suave and sophisticated Gieves & Hawkes tailored suit.

It was then that I set about coming up with a plan that would potentially change the very course of my adventure for the better...

I excitedly opened up my corp tab and submitted a request to issue 9,001 new shares, bringing the total amount of shares in INNOMINATE NEUTRALITY to 10,001.

I then decided that 5,001 of these shares would be retained by myself, and the other 5,000 would be available for my fellow EVE pilots to purchase.

I concluded that a base price of 1 million isk per share would be the perfect amount, and would value the amount of stock available to the public at a mere 5 billion isk.

That way I would only attract investors who were either happy with investing in a company that currently did nothing, or wanted shares just as a souvenir of my experiment.

I was mindful of the fact that my company was nothing more than a simple cash shell. However, I knew that shares in cash shells in real life often traded successfully, so they should easily be able to do so in EVE too.

I decided that as an incentive, I would offer bonus shares to investors making bulk purchases, according to the following schedule:

Bonus Schedule

20+ shares: Bonus award of 1 share

50+ shares: Bonus award of 3 shares

100+ shares: Bonus award of 8 shares

200+ shares: Bonus award of 18 shares

500+ shares: Bonus award of 50 shares

1000+ shares: Bonus award of 150 shares

I concluded that the easiest way for my fellow pilots to invest would be to directly send me the isk, followed by an Evemail entitled "SHARE PURCHASE", stating the amount that had been sent.

I once more felt a sense of great excitement overcoming me, like had happened at the very beginning of my adventure. This was the dawning of a new chapter in my EVE experience and I wondered how these new and exciting events would start to unfold.

Perhaps this was my chance to put some desperately needed good karma back into the universe.

My mind was already racing with astoundingly exciting ideas for how to generate a vast profit, but I decided that rather than setting up expectations, it would be better to sell the shares with no guarantees of any return, and absolutely no promises on how the money would be spent.

With all this decided, my share issue was now officially live, and all I needed to do was to sit back, sip a Bacardi & Coke and excitedly wait for the orders to roll in faster than an obese man being pushed down a very slippery hill...

(to be continued...)

Addendum: The share issue is now officially live and if you would like to acquire some and have any questions regarding this process, post them in the "Comments" section of this post and I will endeavour to provide assistance.



Questions regarding the IPO and indications to purchase may either be posted here, or on the official sell order thread on the EVE online forums, located at the following URl:

(you will need to stick both parts of this url together as this blog cuts off the end of it when I paste it in one go......)


2:51 pm  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Inno gets cash for his first Capital-Ship-"Shuttle" :-)

OK .. thats ANOTHER way to jump over that high security system gap to be a tourist in the Eve system itself.

Have fun

Ian Novarider

2:59 pm  
Anonymous Anonymous said...


3:11 pm  
Anonymous Jet Collins said...

I will be buying some of your stock. I don;t care if you bail out after you get your 5 bil. I think your stock will still be valuable ;). Save me a few won;t be able to get on Eve for several hours :(.

Jet Collins.

3:12 pm  
Anonymous Coren Skyus said...

Even though your portrait is severely hideous, and that I would never trust someone with that mug, I think I'll grab 2 shares from you... if there are any available when I get home today. One to sell when you "make it big" and the other to keep as a souvenir - for my many a morning now that you have started off my day with laughter.

Thanks Innominate, and keep up the great work.

Coren Skyus

3:17 pm  

Some of the most successful people in history have been hideously ugly.....

3:38 pm  

Isk has been sent for 34 shares so far, 2 hours after launch, with a mere 4966 remaining.

Judging by the combined responses here and on the EVE forums, It looks like this is going to become popular so I will treat this seriously and ensure that I do my best to turn a vast profit for everyone.

*Although I must reserve the right to splash out on some expensive cocktails, in the trendy bars in ASCN space, next time I go back there for a luxurious visit...

5:00 pm  
Anonymous Coren Skyus said...

I was just giving you a hard time, I sure hope there are two left -- still being 5 hours away from me getting online! :)

Save some of those Exotic Dancers and Crystal Egg for the other fish in the sea Innominate!


5:08 pm  
Blogger Seyen said...

I might be a noob.

I might be poor.

I might still be on a trial account.

I might be a rabid mission runner for a small mining corp, in a far corner of the galaxy.

But damn if I ain't get at least one share!

6:25 pm  
Blogger Seyen said...

Ok, I have the million(1.013k to be not quite exact), and would like to purchase this immaterial token which will signify the wasting of my time for a few bits somewhere in London.

The question which any selfrespecting noob would ask now is: "How i du dat?"

Also, have you considered forming a religion? I wold be your first follower, and Your greatest apostle/(choice of zealot-y title here). This, of course, is solely based on the fact that your religion will most probably be promoting approximately the same thing your corp does, and I'm born with a talent for that. Of course, female members would have to oblige to certain rules within this holiest of orders.. *cough-cough* Just don't go changing your sexuality.

10:10 pm  

LOL. If you only have 1.03 million I really don't advise spending 1 mil on a company that doesnt do anything yet.

However, if for some insane reason you wish to do so, you can send it in-game to INNOMINATE NIGHTMARE and follow it with an evemail entitled SHARE PURCHASE, stating the number of shares paid for, which is one....... LOL.

The last thing I want is bankrupt n00bs on my hands.....

10:51 pm  
Blogger Seyen said...

Oooh, can I get a "Penned by Innominate's guilty conscience" Bronze Certificate in that case? "To the first noob I ever bankrupted". It could become a unique item in the future :) (unless you would so heartless as to have your guilty consicence give out more certificates, but that's impossible, right? ..RIGHT?)

11:00 pm  

Yes, you will get a certificate too. I just hope I can turn you a profit now, lest my conscience burden me forevermore.

Shares and certificates will be issued once the IPO is over.

248 shares have now been sold, with 4752 remaining.

11:07 pm  
Blogger Seyen said...

I just got whoopassed. I'm still on a trial account! And I'm too cheap to pay 20 bucks just so that I can generously buy your (one out of 5000) stock 12 days earlier that I could! But you better have that 1 share when I'm through! Or you'll have to make a 10002 share for me.

PS (insert subtle hints of a super-secret one-item edition of a *dun-dun-dun* Copper certificate)

11:13 pm  
Anonymous frivolous said...

Hello Nootmare :)

I wont be online for a while just make sure you same me a few ok :)

(Does your lady get a discount ?)



12:21 am  
Anonymous Frac Tal said...

Love is blind, and greed insatiable.


12:46 am  
Anonymous Yosoko said...

Count me in! I'll take 2, please!


2:13 am  
Anonymous harsh said...

seyen, pay the $20 now. The unused trial days are just added to the end of whatever you pay up to. This works best for GTC payment, but even with CC payment you always have those extra days up your sleeve, though you'll probably never use them :-)

4:59 am  

453 Shares have now sold, with a mere 4547 remaining.

3:32 pm  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

i paids my, still needs my shares tho, how can i show off at parties if i dont have the papaer to rub there noses in it!!


11:08 pm  

All shares and certificates will be issued in one go at the end of the IPO. My wallet will have a log of everything sent by everyone, listed under "player donations" and i will be using that to issue the shares.

1:42 am  
Anonymous Rens2Sea said...

So when does this 'IPO' thing end then?

1:50 am  
Anonymous Vim said...

I've followed your story since I got into it at chapter 3.
I must get one as a souvenir atleast :)

12:33 pm  

rens2sea, there is no set time for it to end, as such. I'll watch how it develops in the next few days and then come up with a date to close the first equity release.

1:49 pm  
Anonymous biwoti said...

I heard about you from beyond the EVE World, I read your adventures, and now i'm trying EVE Online. I'm a n00b doing courrier and mining Scordite in 0.9.

I'm waiting for mi first million isk, then i'm going in 0.0 to meet you in a nice shiny shuttle. Then, if I'm still alive I might invest in a share of your corp. Then, i'm opening a franchise corp. Then my trial will be over, but I will have lived INNOMINATE ADVENTURES.

12:59 am  

You aren't intending to do much then........

8:49 pm  
Anonymous biwoti said...

oh, ok, i'll just wait 'till you build your 0.0 special noob outpost ;)

4:12 pm  

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