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The Eve Online 0.0 Experiment - Post 059 - Drink To The End Of The War

Drink To The End Of The War

During the siege of 9UY4-H, which spanned several days, it transpired that the heroic allies, like a valiant platoon of soldiers with a fearsome sounding name such as "The Black Knights", were destined to succeed in thwarting the pirate insurgents.

Much more importantly than the above:

I finally got hold of Smagd to invite him for a drink.

He then valiantly travelled the 20 jumps to come and meet me (which surprised me because I thought he lived in the Providence region) and he eventually proudly entered the warzone and came and docked:

After a considerable length of time that was impossible to measure due to the alcohol that was now spinning around in my brain, I found that neither myself, nor my drinking partner Smagd, could understand a single word that the other was saying:

After another 38 inappropriately named beverages, and showing off a truly crude and obscene party trick that involved me disappearing into the bathroom with a pint of beer and a mars bar, shaping the mars bar under a hot tap to give it contours that mirrored those of a fresh turd, dropping it into the pint of beer and then returning to make the claim that I had "done a dump" in the glass, followed by me slowly drinking it in front of everyone, I drunkenly clicked accept as I was given one of the nicest gifts I have ever received:

Some time later, and as the war was drawing to its thrilling climax, I was invited to join my friends in the Mercenary Coalition (who had been hired by the "goodies") to viciously and dextrously destroy one of the pirate structures.

I finally got to see the brave mercenaries at work:

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Watching a large scale project in action was an impressive sight, and I left the scene very happy at having witnessed it. I was so happy, in fact, that the urge for violence shot through me, causing me to grab my Ibis and undock once more.

Unfortunately, a few seconds later, after informing Seleene (the head of the Mercenary Coalition) that her time was up, and targetting her with my Ibis, I was very quickly destroyed in one shot and found myself docking at the station again...

Quickly burying the memory of this very foolish attack in the deep dark recesses of my mind, I spent the next couple of hours having a few more drinks and feeling very philosophical about my adventures.

It was then that I was very privileged to be invited into the gang of Ushra Khan, ISS, Mercenaries, and allies as they completed the final heroic act of the war, and destroyed the very last standing structure:

As the rockets, rail guns and energy weapons blasted and rocked the control tower, I slowly inched my pod closer and closer to the imminent grand finale to this tremendous conflict.

Despite the fact that there is no sound in space, a great noise started to erupt from the dying tower, as a whole team of soldiers fired in unison to bring this horrid symbol of piracy down.

Suddenly, it went BANG:

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Three seconds later, and as the impact of the explosion shuddered for miles and miles, I sat back and gasped as I witnessed one of the most incredible sights I had ever seen in my adventure.

The picture was quite simply beautiful:

However, the very next day, my journey was set to become even more fantastic, as I was to gain access to a series of events of truly titanic proportions...

(to be continued..)



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Lovey pic of the control tower going back. Desktopped :)

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