Tuesday, September 26, 2006

The Eve Online 0.0 Experiment - Post 057 - War Party (Part 3)

War Party (Part 3)

As I warped in at the gate to 9UY, I was suddenly targetted and attacked by an evil mistress of doom, who went by the name of Khalid Zhee. However, after striking up a conversation with this deadly assailant, and informing her that I was running late for a brutal battle, she decided to release me, so that I could go and watch the conflict next door:

I arrived in 9UY to see 100 pilots in local, and was greeted with a hearty welcome by both sides of the conflict. I was informed that they had just finished fighting, but that there would be more battles to come. The topic of conversation was "lag" and it would appear that the valiant clash that had just taken place had been marred with problems that had disrupted both sides.

I was then invited to fly to a gate that was being defended, in order to witness this heroic and valiant LAG first-hand:

I enquired of the noble warriors, as to the nature of the conflict, and after entering into a private conversation with one of the evil pirates, I excitedly learned the following:

The "baddies" in the conflict were a collection of pirate organisations, who were intent on taking the station in 9UY because it was a major trade route out of empire space, and was therefore a lucrative target to acquire.

This fact was staggering, because yet again it showed me that the EVE universe has more incredible diversity and depth than a menagerie being thrown into a bottomless pit.

To help me identify the goodies and baddies, the following was suggested:

I then took a moment to study the key players in this conflict.

On the "goodies" side was a pilot called Elisa Day, who was the captain of the fighting wing of the ISS. This was very fortunate for me, because she was exactly the sort of person I needed to speak to about creating a n00b station in 0.0.

On the "baddies" side, was a feared and notorious killer, who went by the name Verone, and was the founder of a crushing and malevolent pirate corporation called Veto, who I had been informed were feared throughout the universe.

Despite him being a vicious and nasty killer, I was also looking forward to speaking with Verone, to learn about how the most skilled and successful pirates in EVE operate.

It was fortunate then, that a few minutes later, and entirely to my surprise, Verone joined myself and Backdoor Bandit in the "alternate lifestyles" bar for a stiff one...

It would appear that, like myself, despite outwardly exhibiting the persona of a staunch Cassnova of the ladies, Verone had also permitted Backdoor Bandit occasional exclusive access to his pirate tunnel of love...

After all, even the most notorious killers in EVE needed to wind down on the weekends...

Since my bottle of spiced wines had been maniacally and violently destroyed by the scum-infested gate-camp earlier, I asked Local if anybody had a spare one that I could give to Smagd.

A player called Tubiger then very kindly gave me an exotic dancer and some spirits, for which I was most humbly grateful. All I needed to do now was to find Smagd, so that I could present him with this epic beverage.

It was then that I noticed that some of my friends from the Mining Coalition were also present at this battle, and that the coming events were set to seriously hot up towards a shocking finale...

(to be continued...)


Anonymous major stormer said...

awesome read once again. makes our conflict in fountain look petty.

8:28 pm  

Several new stories coming over the next 24 hours. I have lots to cover to get up to date.

9:18 pm  
Anonymous Tubiger said...

Ha! wasn't expecting that.. seeing my name as I was reading was quite a surprise. Well, if you ever need more booze or women, I have large stocks all over the galaxy :-)

11:51 pm  
Anonymous E'veel P'Tiga said...

you know, as much as you might think of yourself as a business man, adventure or whatever. I believe you have become, over time, the Christiane Amanpour of EVE. Jumping from place to place reporting on the happenings of EVE.

11:52 pm  
Anonymous Elisa Day said...

Ooh, I even got my picture in there :).

BTW, I'm not "the" captain, just "a" captain. Our illustrious leader holds the esteemed rank of Admiral, Mynas Atoch.

12:03 am  

Elisa, who is the more attractive?

You or Verone?.......

1:14 am  
Anonymous elisa day said...

That probably depends on which "side" you are coming from :).

1:29 am  
Anonymous Delta Librae said...

When I read about 9UY4-H in one of your earlier posts, I raced there to see the action for myself - I'd love to see some cap ships going at it! I got blown up good in my wee shuttle when I tried to find the fighting though - sigh. I guess 0.0 ain't ready for the average n00b tourist yet. On the plus side, I did recover my corpse, perhaps I can start a collection...

Oh well, I'll have to train skills a little while longer before taking my first cloaked ship out... now THAT will be fun! :)

Keep up the good work, fascinating blog!

1:46 am  

Blogger picture hosting is down and I have 2 more instalments to post tonight.

If you can't wait, you can read them on the EVE forums, linked to from the top of this blog.

They will be up as soon as the picture facility returns here.

3:41 am  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

we should all join you in watching a battle, a nice fleet of 100+ shuttles would look amazing.

Great reading by the way, best in a long time

11:42 am  

I still cant post the next 2 instalments, and EVE Forums are down!

What is the world coming to?

2:22 pm  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Any plans on visiting the new Titan that just rolled out from your friends??? I know EVERYONE would love a few screenies of that :) !!!!

3:16 pm  
Anonymous Jet Collins said...

Ya Eve was suppost to be up an hour ago :( And no updates as to whats going on :(. An invation of over a 100 noobs in shuttles into 0.0 would be pretty funny though :)
The pirates would love trying to kill them all though :D

4:05 pm  
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