Monday, September 25, 2006

The Eve Online 0.0 Experiment - Post 056 - War Party (Part 2)

War Party (Part 2)

After being mangled at the hands of a malevolent gate-camp, I acquired another loving little shuttle in the love shack and plotted a different course, this time circumnavigating the offending system.

Unfortunately, changing my route from the quickest, to the one that avoided the gate camp, added another 10 jumps and now made my journey a total of 43. I turned up the Mozart that I was listening to, and like a bat out of hell, flew onwards into the night...

My journey upwards though the western area of ASCN space was enjoyably trouble-free, and I soon found myself in Stain once more. I was able to use my instas to travel through the whole of Stain, and into the catch region, where I docked and moved my clone to the station "ISS Marginis."

A few jumps later, and as I was sitting back and listening to Beethoven's Symphony Number 9, a window suddenly opened on my screen, and to my astonishment I found that I was once more in the presence of a man who, on weekdays was a "top", but on weekends was a "bottom":

For the very first time, this burly champion of alternate lifestyles had referred to me as "Nommy", and I felt myself blushing profusely.

The buxom temptress Missy had previously ended her relationship with me, and I had shortly thereafter promptly lost all interest in the young wench Frivolous.

I was feeling lonely and vulnerable, and was on a long trip to witness a war, without even a stiff shandy to perk me up. I wondered if I was about to be taken advantage of once more, by a man who, like a part-time geologist and seismologist, spent the latter part of most afternoons studying the hair-line fractures around cracks...

Like a jazz musician trapped in a block of ice, I decided to play it cool:

This was exciting pink news indeed!

It would appear that Backdoor Bandit's infamous organisation, which in a similar manner to the French Foreign Legion, enjoyed taking fit young recruits briskly up the Khyber Pass, was on the verge of celebrating its very first rainbow anniversary!

I was overcome with unmeasurable joy and unadulterated bliss, and I quickly changed the minidisc player in my shuttle to "Relax" by Frankie Goes To Hollywood.

The Lord Of The Rings then informed me that, like a pair of retired homo-erotic greek wrestlers, he was considering making a spectacular return to the public arena, and that I should pay special attention to the MGRL anniversary, just two weeks from now.

As he spoke his manly words of wisdom to me, I felt myself, like a character from Alice In Wonderland, being mesmerised by this Queen Of Hearts...

Backdoor then helped me to pass the time between jumps by teaching me about the history of the MGRL.

It would seem that his valiant and brave organisation did not just deliver their agenda via oral means, but were also very active at ramming their point home physically:

I had noticed that BB's friend "Hans Roaming" had infiltrated the Mining Coalition, so I decided to ask him some pressing questions regarding his successful penetration of that particular organisation:

It would appear that the grappling hands of the MGRL had found their way into the pockets of many organisations throughout EVE, and that the very head of the Mercenary Coalition herself, was a rampant gender-bender!

I fell to the floor of my shuttle in total shock...

As I approached the gate to 9UY, an attacker deftly slipped in through the back passage and assaulted me...

(to be continued...)


Anonymous Sheerborn said...

Someone made a spelling error.

4:46 pm  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

quickly fix it and noone will notice! :)

5:40 pm  

I know it was shocking. I just quickly fixed it. Horrific typo.

Hangs head in hands.

6:18 pm  
Anonymous Anonymous said...


8:26 pm  
Anonymous Galimiy Portret said...

Hmm... That Tityana has some interesting stuff to tell. :)

[img=]Like this one[/img]

8:33 pm  


9:00 pm  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

You may want to be careful about hanging around ASCN space for awhile. With them undocking the first titan the south is bound to become a very interesting place very quickly. Or you could ask them if you could see it. it is even bigger than a mothership.

12:13 am  
Anonymous dsi1 said...

Someone needs to take a video/screenshot of the first titan *wink**wink*

1:04 am  

I can or cannot confirm that I was or was not present at none or several events today that may or may not be related to a titan......

5:54 am  
Anonymous M0mentum said...

Since you seem to be having love troubles, i suggest you create your own Mrs to have lots of babies with. You can call her INNOMINATE BROODMARE.

10:23 am  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

They did better than a screenshot ...



First Titan ever (as confirmed by dev).

Have fun

Ian Novarider

2:02 pm  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

I want to see more pics of that rear please... :)

3:32 pm  
Anonymous Tityana said...

Anonymous? me ponders who u are lol :s thanks for outting my channel btw

8:54 pm  

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