Saturday, September 30, 2006

The Eve Online 0.0 Experiment - Post 062 - Unconventional Death

Unconventional Death

After witnessing the incredible launch of the first Titan (but before being blown up by it), I had returned to the love shack and spent a few hours relaxing on a divine camel-hair rug.

It was then that I received an intriguing invitation:

On many of the occasions that I had visited ASCN during my adventure, there had been evil and cursed vagabonds roaming the adjacent systems, preying on unsuspecting passers-by.

In fact, it was this very same group (Burn Eden) who had been responsible for destroying my shuttle, ruining Smagd's drink of spiced wines and making me extremely late for a war.

Nonetheless, I decided that I would viciously insult them....

....and would then accept the invitation to learn more about their organisation.

After tentatively entering the system where they were based, we quickly realised that I could, in fact, have this conversation whilst sipping Earl Gey tea from the comfort of my decadent chaise longue in the love shack:

It would seem that they had not proclaimed the desire to drive a stake through my heart just yet, and I was thankful for the distinct lack of death that had befallen me.

However, the fact that I had not yet been shot dead did not deter me from my goal of asking them challenging and vigorous questions about their brutal and horrific activities.

They began to teach me about their organisation:

Kusarigama went on to explain that Burn Eden operated in a manner which enabled them to win the vast majority of fights that they engaged in by using "unusual" or "original" tactics, which often surprised or confused the people they were attacking.

They had no qualms about using lots of warp core stabilisers, the utilisation of cloaks, or other methods that some other players objected to. It was an interesting subject, and it would appear to be one that is a great point of contention amongst seasoned PVP players in EVE.

I was enjoying listening to their rampant boasting of past victories, but in the back of my mind an ever-building rage at the fact that they had made me late for the war was reaching a crescendo:

Like a man suffering from great flatulence, I let rip:


The simple fact remained that this organisation, with no regard for my innocent desire to have a drink with a friend, had morbidly unleashed a torrent of death and destruction upon me, and were now denying that they would ever do such a thing! I was outraged.

Nonetheless, as our conversation continued, I began to realise that there was nothing particularly psychotic or deranged about these people.

They quite rightly put forward the argument that EVE is a game, and that their activities, despite sometimes hurting people, do in fact take place in a game world.

It was a valid point.

My hostility began to evaporate slightly, and I then enquired about the "WCS" issue, and also as to their views on having murdered a player called Blind Watchmaker earlier that day:

I had previously met two -10 pirates in Heild, and had been as surprised as a man whose surname was "prize" and who had just been knighted, to learn that they were willing to give out advice to help people protect themselves.

I then asked Burn Eden the same question:

Despite the fact that these people were more evil and crushing than a very large and malevolent boulder being dropped on a vicar's head, I had nonetheless learned some very useful things and had enjoyed my conversation with them.

I had learned that there are always two sides to every story.

(to be continued...)


Anonymous Anonymous said...

2 rules i go by, in any system

No one is friendly,
Always watch Local,

7:54 pm  
Anonymous Major Stormer said...

Alliance is friendly :P

10:24 pm  
Anonymous Neo said...

A very wise man once said:

BE sucks pineapple ass

1:06 am  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

*crackle* *pop* *hiss*

Smagd here. I've found an appliance compatible with Neocom communication channels, or Galnet, or anything really ...

Houston? Can you hear me?

Anyway, wanted to say I'm still around and would love to more thoroughly explore and bump the unravelling of mystery, but alas, without giving away my proper credentials to Caldari junk I must sign off half anonymously,

With no gargle-blaster sized lump on his head

6:57 am  

I will try to get a Malibu & Pineapple with a twist of passion fruit sent out there to you, Smagd.

1:30 pm  
Anonymous Hicks said...

I am one of the players that respect BE for what they do, I myself and new to PvP but have been a pod pilot for over a year. I am yet to come up against BE but I do look forward to the day it happens.

You always hear things said about Corps and Alliances that you should take with a grain of salt. Keep up the good work IN, I enjoy everything you have written so far, keeps us entertained.

3:52 pm  
Anonymous Neo said...

Hicks... my experience is first hand... so i do know what i'm talking about. If u're looking for a role model, please use the Mercenary Coalition instead, atleast they know how to fight, while still keeping their Pride and Honour intact.

10:07 pm  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

I have fought against MC in war, they dont always use honorable tactics, but they are damn good pvpers, and I learned alot from the war with them. As far as "its a game bs" yeah its a game but if u came up to me while I was playing golf and broke one of my clubs, I would beat the living snot out of you, game or no game.

8:20 am  
Anonymous Hicks said...

It's not a pissing contest mate, I have heard of MC and watched some of the movies they have made. They are damn good at what they do. Then again so are BE and a lot of other Corps and Alliances.

Each to thier own I suppose and you can look at it anyway you want. From first hand experience I can say a lot of people use different tatics and modes of fighting. Lets just let it go there, as we both may have tinted views.

4:23 pm  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

The question is ... do you draw a line at IN-GAME tactics (like safe-spotting, cloaking etc.) or are ANY tactics (logoffski when attacked, log-in traps, hacking out-of-game teamspeak servers etc. ) allowed ?

I think those alliance and corps commonly referred to as "honorable" are those where almost all of their members use only IN GAME tactics.

Have fun

Ian Novarider

8:46 am  

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