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The Eve Online 0.0 Experiment - Post 063 - Living On The Streets

Living On The Streets

The next day, I decided to use a jump clone that was located in an ISS station in the providence region, to go and visit those valiant neutrals again, regarding my dream of a n00b outpost.

After jumping up there, I entered into a conversation with a pilot called "Drakmor", whom I had spoken to a few times previously during the war at the Ushra Khan station in 9UY.

Drakmor was apparently one of the high ranking members of the "Sylph Alliance", who were based in and around ISS space.

I was promptly made blue and invited to their home, and I figured that this would be a good opportunity to learn about how smaller alliances in EVE operate.

I was astonished to see that they lived at a moon.

After having lounged around extensively in the rich ornateness of ASCN, it was quite a surprise to now find myself slumming it with the lower classes, who did not possess so much as a station to dock at, nor two helium isotopes to rub together.

I spent some time talking with Drakmor and his alliance friends "Monma Cicov" and "Hugo Strange", and as I accepted the polystyrene cup of diluted thin economy soup from the charity that was distributing it around the POS, a certain sense of warmth and homelessness overcame me...

I had not yet had the chance to google Sylph to find out who they really were, and Drakmor cunningly decided to pre-empt this imminent slander by informing me of the result in advance:

After quickly changing the subject and discovering that Sylph were also working on creating their very first station, our meeting ended when Drakmor had to valiantly log out.

I returned to the ISS station next door and was pleased to see that my new friend Elisa Day, whom I had met at the 9UY war, was docked there, and was brandishing a mystery item.

She presented me with a gift:

My friend Brunswick from ASCN had previously purchased some blueprints in empire for me and had covertly moved them to the "Inflatable House" station, (which is owned by the CVA alliance), so that I could try my hand at manufacturing:

Elisa then informed me that because the ISS station we were at was Amarr, there was a 30% bonus to manufacturing there. I decided that I would arrange to have the blueprints moved there the next day and as a trial I would perhaps begin a dizzying temporary career as an industrialist.

Later that night, I lay back on the observation deck of the ISS station and looked up into the bewildering infinity of the night. I had come a long long way but still felt that there was so much more that I wanted to achieve.

I had been contacted by many people who had offered all kinds of services and support, to help me towards my fantastical goal. I wondered if it really was achievable, and I fell asleep occupied with gallant dreams of a legion of hearty 0.0 noobs, playing happily in a glorious utopia.

The next day, I logged in to see that Seleene (the honcho of the mining coalition) was also docked with me at the Sanitary Disposal Company station. The topic of conversation moved onto the fine ships of EVE, and the wonderful variety of craft that could be mastered.

Naturally, I expressed my preference for shuttles:

This was an incredible present!

Out of rampant guilt for brutally destroying my Ibis, Seleene had kindly given me a fully fitted Tech 2 interceptor, which I proudly put on display in my hangar, awaiting the day that I would be able to fly the noble beast.

As I then swooshed a glass of Chateau La Fite 1962, word was sent to me of a brutal battle that was taking place between ASCN and the Band Of Brothers.

I just had to go and take a look...

(to be continued...)


Anonymous Galimiy Portret said...

1st! :)

Oh, yeah... That ASCN/BOB war... Nothing special, BoB shoots, ASCN fights the usual ASCN way -- by dying a lot. Although rumour has it that this very, so called *Great* Southern War, actually named such even before it started, won't last long. *wink* *wink*

/tinfoil hat on

12:40 am  
Anonymous The Observer said...

Hmm, not quite the grade of cliffhanger I've come to expect....

3:28 am  

Good point, observer.

I should have said something like:

"And it was then that a blisteringly crucial development burst onto the horizon, that was set to shockingly change the very course of my adventure"......

Still, by dipping the level of drama in the cliffhanger this time, you will be souped up for the next shocker.....

5:39 am  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

You come across very pretentious when you talk about corps in low sec and this one that is living at a moon POS.

These people are working hard at starting something, and they are actually doing something.
Where do you get off passing judgement?
All you have done is fly around space looking at things. You get special treatment because you put their corp names on the forums.
Its all very rude

8:22 pm  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Its not called a "Poor mans station" for nothing.

10:33 pm  

Anon, 'tis merely good natured fun.

They were very nice people, and like virtually everyone I have met in EVE, I enjoyed their company.

11:08 pm  
Blogger Pang Grohl said...

I stumbled across this news about ISS that could prove insightful in your future dealings with them.

BTW thanks very much for busting my work doldrums.

P.S. Nevermind the anonymous... If they don't feel strongly enough to put their name where their mouth is they shouldn't bother...

12:56 am  
Anonymous Monma Cicov said...

Dang, I should have you for slander! Oh wait, you have screenies, so I really did say those things. Hmm, I better not go near Fabrica for a while. Thanks Nightmare.

12:04 pm  

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