Wednesday, October 18, 2006

The Eve Online 0.0 Experiment - Post 073 - Soulful Reflections

Soulful Reflections

We fled to the gate like fleeing fleas, and as we were in warp I began to wonder why it was that a significant portion of my adventure often involved fleeing heroically.

Perhaps there was a subtle art in running away like there was no tomorrow. Maybe it was a fine and laudable activity that was secretly admired by many a carebear up and down the land. I had become an accomplished chicken, and was clucking proud of myself.

Luckily, Lil's insta from the safespot we were at had taken us directly to the gate, and I just had time to threateningly say "It was nice meeting you" before we jumped through, to find the path clear on the other side. Another death had been valiantly circumvented.

As we flew back through the systems of Fountain, our shuttles gleaming in the twilight of infinity, my thoughts lazily wandered to the monumental task ahead of me, in that holiest of arcane and untouchable areas:

Jove Space

I wondered how many thousands of adventurers throughout history had tried in vain to breach the gates to the ultimate paradise, to reach the shores of the land of milk and honey, and to stare into the all-seeing eyes of the Viking Gods of EVE.

An enigmatic feeling of suspense and wonder overcame me, and my attention was suddenly jolted back to the present as we passed a pilot called Elestine Wong, who opened a communications channel with me:

It would appear that the Horde were newcomers to this region, and had started building their caves relatively recently. I had now met two of the factions in the Fountain area, and just had the ominously-named Celestial Apocalypse left to meet, before I could begin my heavenly quest for an audience with the Gods, far on the other side of the universe.

We returned to the NPC station area and I noticed that I had received an evemail from the woman I once had a lustful affair with. She had outrageously desposited a mystery item in escrow for me, and I began to wonder if it was something naughty like chocolate underwear, or if it was something nice like chocolate underwear...

I began to speak some more with the Xelas pilots in INNO's FOUNTAIN INFO CHANNEL and to learn some more of the history of their alliance. Xelas had originally been based in Emilio land in the north, but had become embroiled in a large number of wars with various factions, and had eventually made the decision to leave.

The Band of Brothers had invited them to live in Fountain and they had taken them up on their offer. As such, I was informed that they were currently hostile to Emilio, and were actively lobbying the Hollywood Walk Of Fame to remove his star, which was controversially added last year.

They began to tell me some more of their thoughts on Celestial:

It would appear that there was more bad blood between these two groups than there is between a vampire and a zombie on their first date. It was a difficult situation for me to sink my teeth into and I was counting on not hitting a nerve with my piercing questioning.

0.0 was truly fascinating to me because it was an unrestricted social experiment, where there were no rules and no regulation, and people were free to act in any way they so chose. Perhaps it formed the ultimate test of the human will and character.

The rest of the day passed quickly, and I spent some considerable time reflecting on the vast variety of experiences I had been through so far. I was still enjoying this world immensely, but I could feel a burning desire escalating within me to push forward with my dream of achieving the incredible.

Perhaps after my imminent pilgrimage to Jove, I would dare to take the first concrete step towards my goal, and would spend one billion isk on creating an alliance...

(to be continued...)


Anonymous Coren Skyus said...

"I had become an accomplished chicken, and was clucking proud of myself."


Good entry, keep up the great work - and best of luck...


2:54 pm  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Inno, i do love your posts, and i think it's an amazing thing, but you've had too many "near death experiences" to convince anyone you're just a luycky noob. Be honest and tell everyone (one of these days) who your main really is.

Still.... Roleplay FTW . Keep up the good work. :)

3:11 pm  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Brave Sir Inno ran away,
He bravely ran away...

3:26 pm  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

I would defend your noob station with my brave little Rifter


3:29 pm  

Coren, I have decided that running is an artform.......

Anon, its not just about being a lucky n00b. I am blue with 7 noble alliances now, which helps tremendously in not being shot.

Erbus, your valiant gesture is appreciated. You may yet be called upon to sacrifice that rifter for the greater good of n00bkind...

5:37 pm  
Anonymous Smakko said...

Another gem, Inno. If it's still the case that wars break out in your wake, maybe you should create some kind of weapons dealing empire. You could just fly around, starting wars, and setting up shop in the next system. You're blue to practically everyone, and I can't imagine anyone war deccing you without getting swiftly backhanded by your friends. You could be the perfect arms dealer, lol. If the CIA and the UN had a baby and the baby grew up to be a space poet, that baby would be you. Best Regards.

8:53 pm  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

What would be the point of a wardec? He's vowed never to go into empire, and travels in nothing bigger than an ibis.

Arms dealer wouldn't exactly work, as the alliances he's friendly with have their own arms dealers.

As for being blue to 7 alliances, I guarantee that'd change if he tossed up an outpost. Those things are far too valuable not to conquer.

11:13 pm  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

if your looking for Jove space you will have to go to Geminate as it's the closest regeon to it.

12:03 am  

'Tis an enigmatic conundrum.

7:16 am  
Anonymous Ket Halpak said...

You should ask all the alliances you meet innominate for help in constructing your outpost. If most of the alliances were to contribute labour and/or ISK, it would make them less likely to attack and more likely to help you if some dumbass did attack it. Ask them, it cant hurt and you may be supprised!

7:32 am  

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