Tuesday, October 03, 2006

The Eve Online 0.0 Experiment - Post 064 - Lagging Behind The Enemy

Lagging Behind The Enemy

Word had been sent by astral carrier-pigeon that a violent and historic battle was about to take place in GQ2S-8, in ASCN space.

The "Band Of Brothers" alliance had declared war on ASCN and were currently attempting to take control of the station in that system. I jumped down to the Love Shack and hurriedly plotted a 16-jump course to reach the target system.

As I was travelling down there, my thoughts turned to the sheer depth of the universe that I was very much enjoying exploring.

Upon looking at the list of alliances on the map, I noted that there were at least 20 of them that I had not yet heard of! Perhaps I was not as wise and as travelled as I had first n00bishly thought.

I nervously jumped into the system adjacent to the war-zone:

I was pleased to see ShuPac again, whom I had previously had the pleasure of meeting when I flew around my first ever complex at the bottom of the universe, and I then spent some time talking with the brave and fearsome pilots in local.

I then met a noble Band Of Brothers pilot:

Like the credit card bills of a shop-a-holic, the number of pilots in local continually increased, and just as I was deciding whether to jump into the warzone yet, I was invited into an "allied" gang that was forming.

After approximately 60 people joined, I re-named my ship ***NEUTRAL OBSERVER*** and we headed to the foreboding and fearsome gates of hell:

Surprisingly, there appeared to be an excitement-shattering traffic jam, and we had to twiddle our thumbs for 3 minutes, after which, and like most software running on windows likes doing, the game promptly crashed and chucked everyone out.

30 minutes later, after briefly getting back in and finding that it instantly crashed again, I now found myself in a random place in the warzone, and quickly fled to the station in a very bold and heroic manner.

For the next hour or so I sat in Local wondering what was going on, as both sides were desperately trying to regroup. Eventually, I was contacted by "Chedburn" whom I had met several times previously during my visits to ASCN, and I took the opportunity to ask him what had happened to the gang:

Unfortunately, it had then been decided that I could not get back in, and the next day an Evemail was sent to ASCN members explaining that during times of war I should not be invited into their gangs for security reasons.

This was entirely sensible and understandable. After all, as Ched had said, they were fighting for their very existence, and the last thing they needed was a man flying around wildly in a shuttle, distracting them from the task at hand. In times of war it is quite rightly necessary to tighten security.

The war had been something of a let-down, so I decided to do something different entirely and I set off to "Inflatable House" to do some investigation into how I would go about using my blueprints to manufacture some thrilling items.

Upon arrival, I met a very friendly pilot called Winter Star, who informed me that she was a member of a brand new alliance:

The Volition Cult had been around as friends for a long time but had only just got together as an alliance. I had previously enjoyed meeting some of the members of the Sylph Alliance and it was nice to learn about yet more new people, and their lofty goals of success in this enchanting world.

I then encountered a pilot who would most definitely not be out of place fighting alongside Strongy Strong and Tighty Tight:

It was then that something explosively frightening was set to adrenalin-thumpingly happen...

(to be continued...)


Anonymous Ket Halpak said...

Its a pity your not allowed in any gangs, but we are fighting for ASCN's very existance. I hope you didn't take offence at this.

Tension is rising for a massive battle to take place in GQ sometime in the next few days.

1:48 am  

Hi Ket, It was perfectly understandable.

ASCN have always treated me with kindness and respect during my adventures and have extended great privileges to me, for which I am grateful.

2:09 am  
Anonymous Mirasta said...

You should get in a fighting ship and see if you can help just to see what fleet warfare is like.

(From a Neutral point of view of couse :P)

All experience you will need for the defense of your noob haven.

8:35 am  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Fleet combat is waiting and boredom, lag, confusion, lag, extreme range fighting, lag, node crashes, lag, being one-shoted as primary, lag, endless gate-camping and ... uh... did I mention lag ?

Have fun

Ian Novarider

8:40 am  
Anonymous Blue Trucker said...

Unfortunately, it had then been decided that I could not get back in, and the next day an Evemail was sent to ASCN members explaining that during times of war I should not be invited into their gangs for security reasons.

^^ tinfoil hat 4tw

8:58 am  
Anonymous Hordezla said...

Fun read.

I hope you are able to continue reporting the situation from a neutral position.

10:15 am  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Still no Google Ads here Inno??

With all of the visitors you get, I'm sure it'd be worth setting them up.

2:28 pm  
Anonymous Rilder said...

You ever considered being a diplomat innominate, Your total neutrality would be good during diplomatic standoffs

8:25 am  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

"Still no Google Ads here Inno??"

fyi Google automatically gives eve sites links to idk sellers.

3:53 pm  
Anonymous Major Stormer said...

Also having IM joing ASCN gangs makes him a valid war target, and BOB could well shoot him

3:58 pm  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

"fyi Google automatically gives eve sites links to idk sellers."

A little extra work and it's possible to remove those ads. Besides - an ad for isk sales isn't going suddenly make someone start buying isk, there are more references to isk sales in the eve forums then you'll find on any website. Personally - I click every ISK sellers ad I can find. I don't know if Google charges them a flat rate or a per click or both, but I've got no problem supporting the website and if I happen charge the seller a tiny bit more for doing business without generating more cash, I don't mind one bit.

5:02 pm  

I have no interest in putting google ads on my site.

I like the clean look it has at present.

5:37 pm  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Google Ads and hokey names aside, this is the single most entertaining game-related thing I have ever read in my long history of reading game-related material about the games that I enjoy playing and reading online game-related material about.

Your literary gymnasitcs have inspired me to begin writing once more... something I have not done in many years; at least for entertainment purposes.

I added you to my address book just so I could see when you were online. I've never interacted with you in any way, however it was a singular thrill knowing that we were both logged in at the same time yesterday. Being an empire space scaredy cat, I eagerly await the launching of the Great Innominate Noobula Station.

6:01 pm  
Anonymous Jet Collins said...

So far Inominate what is your advise for those who wish to go into 0.0 solo.

*Jet needs to just grow some and go.

6:24 pm  
Anonymous Jet Collins said...

So Innominate what is your advise for those who wise to go into 0.0 solo?

*Jet needs to just grow some and go.

6:25 pm  

Jet, take a cheap ship, and use your map wisely.

1:49 am  
Anonymous Pilk said...

I go to all the trouble of inviting you into a combat gang, and this is all the mention I get? How am I supposed to gain notoriety for my ebil, node-crashing fleet movements now!? :P

I demand a screencap be posted, especially one that describes me as "dodgy".


10:35 am  
Anonymous Aries Acheron! said...

Jet. Become an online game phenomenon and fame your way through the place. ;P

Still. Diplomacy could be a way to go, Inno. Charging in on the silver shuttle of Neutrality, your neutralness could perhaps possibly change things for the sake of all that is so-so!

11:31 am  

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