Tuesday, August 01, 2006

The Eve Online 0.0 Experiment - Post 012 - 3.2 Million Reasons To Die


To my astonishment, ships were outrageously priced out here. Frigates ranged from 300,000 isk to 1,000,000 isk!

I was truly shocked at this corporate extortion but being a stranded and helpless little pilot I had no choice but to begrudgingly pay approximately 325,000 for a Kestrel. I also made sure to purchase a few random mining lasers within 10 jumps from where I was, just in case they came in handy at some crucial later point in my wondrous adventure.

I had just received a thrilling evemail from a smooth-talking sugar-daddy called Rastilin, who had tantalisingly informed me that he had "left some items for me in a system", just eight teasing jumps away and that I could claim these wonderful mystery items via Escrow.

I had not used Escrow before and after spending 30 minutes trying to find the items he had left for me, I frustratedly gave up and charted a course to the station itself, to go and manually pick them up.

I decided that I would use this opportunity to do as people on the Eve forums had suggested and to make some instant bookmarks. Now let's see those evil murderers catch me!

I deduced that the best way to create one of these bookmarks was to fly towards the jump gate I was headed to, switch off autopilot and fly until I was 12-13km past the gate. At that point (having already clicked "Add Bookmark" and having named it in preparation) I would then click "OK".

For pilots who have not made one before, here is how I named it:

Since some systems have more than 2 gates, I figured it was necessary to label the bookmark with the system I was in, the system I had come from and the system I was going to. This methodology would ensure that I never used the wrong bookmark in a system with multiple gates.

Well, I happily repeated this process for the next 5 jumps, until, to my astonishment, I was ruthlessly attacked.

However, ingeniously, this bright Mensa member decided to attack me when I was flying directly beneath the gate to the next system (in the middle of setting up my imminent bookmark). I was therefore targetted when I was "0km from Stargate"......

Well, I decided that I could also play the genius game and I outsmarted him in approximately one second by clicking on the gate (that was filling half my screen) and selecting "jump".

Problem Solved....... I smugly sat back and laughed at his stupidity for a while, until I noticed that my autopilot was switched off, there were no sentry guns in 0.0 space and that he had now also come steaming through the gate, wildly chasing after me........... Whoops.......

Again, he started to target me, but luckily his blundering brute of a ship was slow to do so and I easily warped out in my little shuttle before he could lay his bulky orangutan-like hands on me.

After being shaken but not stirred by this bond-like mini chase through a jumpgate I decided to abandon my bookmark-making and to just head straight to the station. It really is a nasty and brutal place out here.

The mad monk Rastilin had very kindly left me a "Minmatar Hoarder", an industrial ship with 5100m3 of cargo capacity. My thoughts turned to Lemmy and his desperate drone plight and I realised that I could use this hauler to cut down on the 6600 jumps.

In fact, it could now be done in around 40-50 jumps. All I needed now was to get the skill books and learn how to fly this beast of a vessel, to pick the drones up and to miraculously not get killed while flying at 110m/s through 45 jumps of 0.0 gatecamps. Easy peasy.

I noticed that an evil pirate was lurking in the system, and intriguingly, he appeared to have mercilessly slaughtered members of the cult of Emilio AND members of the Jesuits.

At that point, I realised that I could instantly make 3,200,000 isk if I could just find some way of killing him...

(to be continued.....)


Anonymous Anonymous said...

I was once shot down by a group consisting of Thaard and his corpmates =/

3:07 am  
Anonymous infornography said...

Awesome! I now have some new nicknames for a couple of player corps. ;-)

5:39 am  
Blogger CB Cyrixâ„¢ said...

Nice seeing you last night man, was one hell of a trip but still nice. hope it all goes well, I got back safe this morning.

9:44 am  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

I highly recommned reading this guide on making Instas:


3:37 pm  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Just FYI about bookmarks, I use a slightly different method.

1. I leave off the current system, since you only ever see bookmarks for your current system, and in the Places tab you can see the system field for sorting.

2. I put the destination first, like: "Sobaseki (From Jita)" so I can quickly see destinations ordered, then glance over to see from which gate. Probably just a left to right thinking thing. :)

Great blog and looking forward to you finding a way to cash in on that bounty before he chalks up another shuttle kill! Yarr!

7:34 pm  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

I like making a central Safespot which I label a hub or central point (cp). I find this really cuts down on the amount of time needed to set bms, and to escape prickly systems.

The downsides are that they are not quite as fast as ordinary highway bms, and you really ought not share them. I often seem to have both highway bms and node bms for systems I travel frequently since I get a new set everytime I join another alliance. Probably half the 0.0 regions by now.

Always remember to backup your presets folder on hdd or separate media.

8:50 pm  
Anonymous Maddzy said...

Loving your stories. Looking forward to your continued tales of adventure.

10:00 pm  
Anonymous Puppeteer Nessus said...

Excellent! Keep it up :D

11:09 pm  
Anonymous Keldjos Falzir said...

You intrigue me, good sir. I have decided, as I have no current goals within my alliance, that I will track you down. I am unsure, as yet, what I will do when I find you. Perhaps I will escort you. Perhaps I will blast you to atoms. We shall see.

11:09 pm  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

You've inspired me mate, I'm leaving the safeness of .5+ space and heading to the dangerous realms of 0.0. Maybe we'll meet up.

-a N00b

5:28 pm  
Anonymous Hexman said...

I've seen some posts blasting your adventure, even giving "useful" advice (most on the Eve forums). But in the end, you're simply exploring another aspect of Eve's opennes: The ability to just hit the road and see what it throws back at you...something you really can't do in real life. But I bet you're having much more fun writing your adventures than actually living them (22 jumps between events? hehe). Anyway, I've been enjoying your stories immensely...too bad you're all the way on the other side of the EVE-verse, otherwise I'd try to look for you and give you a hand.

Keep at it, and keep those stories coming. Oh and watch out for Emilio Estevez' followers.

6:46 pm  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

I find myself not wanting to wait for the next installment. Very well written tale of your escapades. I applaud your effort and look forward to reading more.

8:45 pm  

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