Sunday, September 10, 2006

The Eve Online 0.0 Experiment - Post 042 - The Longest Journey (Part 1)

The Longest Journey (Part 1)

As I sat chatting with my brave and righteous new mercenary friends, I was oblivious to the fact that the events that were to follow would forevermore change the very core of my experience in EVE, and were to constitute the longest 24 hours I had ever experienced in my short and adventure-filled n00b life.

The day began innocently enough, with a conversation about the history of the Mercenary Coalition, with a pilot called "Recluse XXX". I asked him some questions about the last heroic contract that his noble rock-collecting organisation had undertaken:

Clearly these people were indeed professionals, who honoured anonymity and respected their clients. I was beginning to like them more and more, and was starting to develop an understanding of how they worked. I was impressed.

A short time later, I struck up a conversation with one of the leaders of this alliance, who went by the name of Neurotic Cat. It would appear that Neurotic had formed one of the Mercenary Coalition member corporations some 2-3 years ago and had been a loyal crusader and leader ever since.

He asked me if I would like to see what they really did for a living:

The fact that I was being invited to an asteroid belt gave me some considerable cause for concern, and I sincerely prayed that I was not about to witness yet more vicious and evicerating mining. Surely there was a limit to the number of rocks that a group of fearless fighters could pummel of a morning...

A few moments later I arrived at the belt and was relieved to see that there were no ships mining out there at all.

I instead discovered something very different:

The reason there were no ships mining was because they were doing their mining in barges...

I began to wonder if this entire organisation was a fraud and if they had ever actually taken any "contracts" at all, other than the one they had to sign for the rental of the asteroid fields from the "Band Of Brothers" alliance...

It was then that I slapped myself harder than a bullet-point pen making contact with a sheet of Conqueror paper, and absolutely deservedly so, because my cynicism had then been shown to be entirely unfounded.

I finally got to see some hot 1-on-1 mercenary action:

I was suddenly witnessing my first ever "carrier fight" and it was indeed an event in which the outcome was more suspenseful than being suspensefully suspended in a pair of suspenders...

Neurotic Cat was having a hair-raising duel with his mercenary friend "Hygelac" and they were fiercely striking each other with fervent vim and gusto.

In a split second, a legion of nasty fighter drones were released, and for some inexplicable reason they started heading directly towards my small and defenceless little shuttle.

I naturally took this opportunity to ask some technical questions regarding the power grid of a carrier...

Amazingly, it would seem that I had discovered a truly great secret:

Shuttles are immune to fighter drones.

I sat there looking at literally over 1 billion isk worth of gruesome drones that were completely and humiliatingly unable to touch my tiny shuttle.

For just that one brief and fleeting moment, I had felt totally and utterly invincible.

I laughed as I noticed that my screen looked like I had suddenly been transported back in time and was standing in front of a classic 1980s arcade game:

It was then that the next series of intriguing events in my longest of days would begin to unfold...

(to be continued....)


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One this your main now? or is it still your alt? At the start you said you mine in 0.5 space and so on....

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