Wednesday, October 25, 2006

The Eve Online 0.0 Experiment - Post 078- False Gods

False Gods

I arrived at the holy citadel "Inflatable House" and was eagerly looking forward to learning the secrets of the Amarr, out of a desperate hope to discover a route into Jove space, so that I could seek the counsel of the Gods regarding my dream of building a n00b outpost.

I was informed that the religious elders of the Amarr are called "The Theology Council". The head of this organisation goes by the name of Mervan Moritok, and can be found in the low-security empire system "Avair".

After excitedly consulting my map, I discovered that all the routes to this system contained an area of 0.5 security or higher, meaning that to go there I would have to break the primary rule of my adventure.

Yet again, more obstacles were being thrown in my path by the powers that be, and I was becoming distinctly weary that I would ever be able to gaze upon the arcane faces of the immortals.

I then met a pilot called Jaydom, who taught me the history of CVA:


CVA hate Ushra Khan and absolutely love keeping slaves...

Ushra Khan hate CVA and absolutely detest keeping slaves...

Mindful of the fact that I had previously tried to act as an ambassador between I.A.C and Maelstrom, and had failed to heal the wounds between them, I decided that it would be best not to attempt to resolve the trouble and strife between CVA and Ushra Khan.

I frantically asked Jay if he could tell me anything at all that CVA knew about Jove, that might help me to get in touch with them.

Surprisingly, he informed me that Jove are not Gods:

It would appear that like a pole-vaulter who had just impaled himself, I had gotten hold of the wrong end of the stick..

I had been on a n00bish wild goose chase of epic proportions.

The very people whom I had thought were Gods, were nothing more than technologically advanced "normal people" who had retreated from society after a war with the Amarr.

To make absolutely sure that abandoning this pilgrimage was the right thing to do, I left CVA space and travelled down to Unity Station to visit my friends in Ushra Khan.

After talking with the locals, I learned that Ushra Khan, who were predominantly Minmatar, also did not believe that the Jovians were Gods. Now that this fact had been confirmed by the two opposing alliances, I was reluctantly forced to conclude that it must be true.

In fact, from Ushra Khan's point of view, religion did not even figure into the equation. There was only one thing that bound their alliance together:

Clearly, my search for the creators had been in vain, and I now knew that my destiny in building my n00b haven lay firmly in my own hands. Perhaps I had been scared and had been looking for a way to ease the path to glory, rather than focussing on doing the ground-work myself.

In order to realise my dream, I would first need to form an alliance, to recruit many valiant and noble pilots, and then to kick the project off by building and maintaining POS structures in low-sec empire, or in 0.0.

The mere thought of this made me shake even more than a Saudi Arabian man who had been diagnosed with an incurable muscle-spasm disease and had forevermore been known as the Shaking Sheikh...

A few minutes later, I was thankfully able to calm my nerves, when out of the blue, a representative of the Quafe company began to distribute free samples around the system:

After outrageously helping myself to 75 cans, I decided that it was time to learn how to go about building a POS. I knew that my friends in Sylph alliance lived in POSes just two jumps away, so I eagerly set a course there to seek their esteemed counsel on the matter.

(to be continued...)


Anonymous Anonymous said...

More action, less religion... :)

11:28 pm  
Anonymous Ket Halpak said...

If you need help with your POS and your alliance, send me an evemail

11:59 pm  

War definitely follows in my wake. I have been sent word that ASCN have captured that Xelas outpost I was at last week....

12:46 am  
Anonymous goldwater said...

I have the distinct feeling that more has been following you around than just a few pilots. Do you ever get the feeling that you're being watched? Its interesting how many 'events' follow in the wake of your reports. I realize that the 'verse' is a constantly changing place, but I swear it changes a lot more after you've passed through an area .....

2:10 am  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

too bad you didn't have a second person in your corp who had no such highsec travel restrictions.

he could travel to the objective system, rent an office, you transfer your med clone and Poof instantly bypass highsec.

9:18 am  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

More religion, more action, I like.
Down with BoB, down with Xellas (more so than BoB). It makes me glad to hear that ASCN took the Xellas station. I just hope they hurry up and finish off BoB.

Have you given any consideration to the tedium of Ice Mining?
It's hard to learn, time consuming and arduous (not to get your hopes down or anything). I've heard that you need about 4300 blocks of Ice (1000m^3 each) to run a POS for a month. . . Good luck with that.

And just say the word, and I'll fly for your colors. The action that follows in your wake means there's rarely a dull moment!
~~Sometimes Moa Pilot~~

10:12 am  

I'm considering hiring out my services as "Harbinger Of Doom".

Or maybe I could become a pirate and ransom various alliances with the shocking threat that if they don't pay, I will visit them.....

12:46 pm  
Anonymous Mirasta said...

Oh dear, an ebil ploy indeed.

If your thinking of ice mining, i have some paint drying that needs monitoring. Its purple.

3:34 pm  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Sh*t, I went on my first trip to 0.0 last night and tried to meet a friend at Unity station and all hell broke loose, INNOMINATE must have been near by cause as soon as i got to the gate, allies of my friends opened up on me and i was quickly sent back to Gelfivin minus my ship and pod.

aparently it was very HOT there for a while

Up with Ushra Khan down with CVA

3:41 pm  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

The Ammatar are the true representatives of the matari race. Learn of them you must, to understand the childish nature of Ushra'khan.

1:21 pm  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Hail Hardin of the CVA here.

I am sorry I missed your visit innominate - though I did hear of it later.

I just wanted to bring your attention to a serious matter which you could possibly highlight in the future... You can read about it here:

Amarr Victor!

5:39 pm  

Your link is chopped off.

You will have to post it again (in two sentences) or make it a clickable link.

7:10 pm  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

im a CVA pilot and the names orion scimatarii my current home is down at i-mgab the station is open to all but our enemies *whom are too many for me to count* which you sir canfly on down, i'll be on weekends mostly, one polite if ur coming
the station walls have ears 0.o

12:38 pm  

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