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The Eve Online 0.0 Experiment - Post 088 - Opposing Forces (Part 2)

Opposing Forces (Part 2)

After docking at the Dark & Light station in E2-RDQ, I asked the residents about the structure of their alliance. The outpost itself is owned by D&L, who are friends with the "British Space Corps", who in turn have docking rights there and help to protect D&L from any rampant attackers.

Being on the edge of BoB space, this outpost is stylishly wedged in the middle of the ASCN vs BoB war, and as a result it is often subject to unexpectedly violent activity, and shamelessly exciting fights.

I was informed that, as part of the war, ASCN were actively attacking Dark & Light, and considered them to be their enemies, due to their allegiance and friendship with the Steven Speilberg mini-series The Band Of Brothers.

Like a man rearranging the letters N E E S S, I eventually made sense of it all, and was then delighted to take part in a conversation with D&L and a member of ASCN called "Psycho Lordling", who was in the process of stalking the locals as part of a vicious one-man war campaign...

We discussed the D&L outpost and the ongoing conflict in the area:

It was curious that the most effective political model in EVE was dictatorship. I wondered why this universe had evolved in such a way, and what had caused such a ruthless Status Quo to exist amongst the residents of this enchanting but bitter world.

Perhaps it is because the EVE environment is very young, and is therefore still developing and finding its feet. I found the whole subject utterly fascinating.

In a surprising, and entirely unexpected twist, the conversation then shockingly turned to the subject of BoB bondage...

I had heard mention from many quarters that all of the alliances living around BoB space were considered to be "BoB Slaves". Although I admittedly found this highly amusing, I also thought it was probably a little on the derogatory side, and I therefore wanted to make a concerted effort to discover the truth of the matter.

Like a pig celebrating its birthday, the subject became somewhat muddied, when I learned that the alliances who live around BoB space do indeed pay them a tithe to live there. However, it was further explained to me that such arrangements exist in many places in the EVE universe.

I wondered if the subject of slavery (which I'm sure my friends in CVA will be delighted to hear about...) had inspired the residents to attempt to exploit me, because no more than a few minutes later, I ruthlessly found myself sitting in an asteroid belt in an Ibis, mercilessly being forced to collect loot from the cans of one of the locals:


After dutifully completing my duty, and being awarded a "bronze tag" as payment for my wanton work, I then learned something more incredible than a discredited credit controller with serious street-cred, who had been given extensive credit for incredulously crediting himself with the incredible title of "Creddy-Weddy The Sacred."

Edster had been singlehandedly responsible for starting a war. I was totally astonished by this amazing revelation, and was almost inspired to go and start some wrecking carnage of my own.

I had previously learned that in addition to ASCN's Titan, BoB now also owned one, and had already testosterone-pumpingly deployed it in the heat of battle in an attack on an outpost that I am extremely fond of:

The love shack in AZN-D2

I wondered just how long this BoB vs ASCN war would go on for, and if there was any way that a man in a shuttle could stylishly intervene to bring fluffy peace and puppy-dog happiness to the region.

It was then that for no reason whatsoever, I amazingly failed to think of a dramatic cliffhanger...

(to be continued...)


Anonymous Friv said...

o/ Nootmare

Your slipping 'No Cliffhanger' ?


Good read yet again, Friv.

7:50 am  
Anonymous roBurky said...

Best ending ever!

12:47 pm  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Check your corporation screen, alliance tab, rankings tab. It should feature a column 'dictatorial' and I believe for all alliances it says 'no'.

What does this mean? Well, two things: Jack, and shit. Most alliances simply have one a a few people in charge.

I think it's mainly because EVE is a game, many people just wanna play it and not have to worry about thinking what's best themselves. Also, the time it takes to get everybody's opinion on stuff will be a killer in times when decisions need to be made in an instance.

Paying rent to live somewhere happens all over the universe, it's extra income for the alliances that claim the area.

Somehow people treat it as a bigger issue with BoB, according to them Fix, Xelas, MC and whatever lives around there are the Bob-toons.

Dunno why that is, the situation is the same at the opposite ass-end of space.

Fly safe!



1:30 pm  
Anonymous Anonymous said...


Inno, a typo! You are human after lal! :)

2:56 pm  
Anonymous Ket Halpak said...

Lol, nice ending. Its nice to have the whole bob-slaves issue cleared up, as anza is moving to bob space and many may consider us bob-slaves and traitors.

2:34 am  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

I was once a feverent defendant of ASCN . . . and then some lesser ASCN friends and psuedo members attacked me/us. Now I've lost all faith in the major allainces, and hope feverently that BoB and ASCN smash against eachother until there is nothing left of them but scraps much like France and Prussia during the Great War.

I'm interested to see how the BoB/ASCN thing turns out because the last war to have superior military vs strong industrial base spawned 2 superpowers, neither of which had the superior military at the outset of that bloodly affair.

Keep up the fantastic work, but do work on the cliff hangars. You needn't always be startled or astonished. You needn't be anything. You just need to omit various key and interesting facts from a statement or event.

~Mathematically inclined Pirate
"Since when does 6km3 equal six thousand cubic meters?"

3:52 am  

Thanks Elm, so they aren't dictatorships by "default", but are in practice?

Anon, I'm going to leave the Speilberg typo in, as a loving monument to all those poor unfortunate souls who cannot spell.

7:34 am  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

I have observed the development of social structures within Eve with some fascination since the beginnings.

Imo, we have currently arrived at the "petty kingdom" stage of social evolution, rather than dictatorship. The concept of a Kingdom, with all authority vested in one person is much more ancient and much closer to our current social arrangements. Cyvok (ASCN leader)certainly styles himself as a King. The Corporations within the large alliances are vassals and owe allegiance to those Kings.

We also have some small Empires currently vying for control. ASCN and BoB can be likened to these. BoB are an entirely military Empire, but are bringing in vassals to pay them for use of their territory, such as DnL, who you met.

The analogies with historical parallels are, to me, at least, fascinating to watch. I was involved with Xetic which was something like a Greek state with a basis in democracy. Like the early greeks, however, it foundered because the concept of a true democracy came too soon for the Eve universe's stage of political development.


4:38 pm  
Blogger -Alekseyev Karrde said...

To be honest Innominate, I'd prefer you fail miserably in your attempts at peace-making in this particular conflict.

The BoB alliance is nothing more than an expansionist pseudo pirate alliance who have enjoyed a position of privilidge and power for far too long.

I used to be a big fan of ASCN, but their dismal performance in the war has somewhat disillusioned me.

I'd prefer they blow up eachothers Titan and motherships in one grand final orgy of distruction so the EVE map can shake up a little bit and smaller, upstanding, more competative alliances have a chance to break onto the scene.

5:42 pm  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

The EVE alliance mechanics features voting, I take it your alliance must be non-dictatorial to make use of this. I'm not exactly sure how many people use it. I've heard of the alliance Ekliptika using it (not sure if they exist anymore). I know it's possible to lock certain items in the corp hangar through voting, and I believe you can run for CEO through the voting option. People with shares can vote.

I like the 'kingdom' description posted above, 'dictatorship' has a negative ring to it.

As for the war between BoB and ASCN. I'm not a fan of BoB, their attitude is one I can't respect. However, I can but admit that they're good at what they do. I've fought them myself and had a blast.

I'm very impressed with the way ASCN set up infrastructure in their region. They've been deploying outposts all over the place to get as much profit from their controlled space as possible. Only later I noticed this development with other large alliances.

It's a clash of superpowers out there, one that is greatly in favor of BoB, since they're just more militarily oriented than ASCN. They're far from unbeatable though. ASCN is so much bigger. If ASCN can pull together in AZN witheverybody willing to defend their space they can show BoB every corner of the universe. Then again I understand morale is low with ASCN and they simply lack the FC's to organise such a defense.

This is a shame, I've also fought ASCN, also had a blast.

What am I trying to say? I dunno, just ramblin' on really. Spraying thoughts.



8:47 pm  
Anonymous FeralShadow said...

It is all quite interesting and extremely fascinating how the politics in Eve seem to parallel those in real life. Perhaps lessons can be learned from real life and applied to Eve? Or perhaps the opposite as well? Any Sociology majors would make a great paper out of the Eve dynamics I'm sure. I myself am watching the war with avid interest while I fight my own lol.

1:27 am  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Hi everyone,

Yes, BoB is better at fighting.

No, morale in ASCN is okay.

Yes, it takes the mayority of ASCN members time to learn how to PvP and it took some effort to organize wartime logistics and changing skill training to a combat setup.

The longer the war goes, the better the chances are for ASCN. The more territory BoB has to cover, the more vulnerable they become to counter attacks and attacks from different entities.

The longer the war goes, more and more people will realize that BoB is not an unbeatable monolith or force of nature. Or that their territory is practically empty of BoB pilots and wide open to attack, including their high profit complexes.

Have fun - we do


6:31 pm  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

kill all bob
kill all bob
go ascn go
kill all bob

10:47 am  
Anonymous Krieger said...

I have finally caught up, I was reading your posts up to post 50 then I moved out of state and had to catch up, I read from post 50 to post 88 in 3 days and was hooked the whole way, good work mate, great writing and I really enjoy all the intelligent subliminal wording you use, if that's what it's called :S anyway it's very intelligent ;)

2:44 am  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Why on EARTH (and in space) people spell "loose" instead of "lose"?

For "#($#(#$($#('s sake, EVOLVE; PEOPLE!!!!

2:40 pm  

The loose/lose thing is also a pet-hate of mine.

Seeing as a lot of "internet-speak" and/or general slang shortens words for convenience, there is no logical reason why an extra "o" would be deliberately added to "lose".

Thus, I can only conclude that it is a genuine error that occurs because the vowel in the word "lose" is pronounced in the same way as it is in "booze" or "food" or "loom", and not as it is in "rose" or "hose".

I can see how people would make this mistake easily.

10:25 pm  
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