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The Eve Online 0.0 Experiment - Post 084 - Station Master (Part 2)

Station Master (Part 2)

I headed further into Stain, and eventually entered a deserted system that contained a station with a wonderful medical bay. I quickly moved my clone there, and headed onwards into the night.

Looking out of the little window in my shuttle, I watched in awe as the reflective particles of solar wind ripped across the space before me, twisting and twirling in a grand and mysterious symphony of delight.

The vastness of space still amazed me.

As I flew ever-deeper into the Stain region, heading westward towards my important appointment at the Mercenary Coalition, I was contacted by Seleene, whom I informed of my closely-avoided death at the hands of the evil podder from the "Silver Star Federation":

There was an intriguing allure to the idea of hiring vicious mercenaries to destroy those who had previously harmed me, and I wondered if the slight desire for retribution that I was feeling was a natural characteristic, or if my experiences in 0.0 had changed me into a harder man.

I was surprised to then learn that Mercenaries could be hired for as little as 1 billion per week for smaller operations, which meant that hiring groups such as the MC could certainly be a possibility in my future:

I flew on, further and further into Stain, my thoughts turning to what exactly I was in this world. I had been to so many different places, and met such a large number of people now, that I was beginning to question who I really was, and what my role should be in this strange and fantastical land of opportunity.

What makes me who I am?

As I flew through the final systems to the Mercenary Coalition, I began to conclude that despite the occasional desire for revenge upon those who had attacked me, by my very nature I felt like I was a carebear.

Despite my attempts to be neutral, there was something inherent inside of me that had caused me to reject the idea of violence, and to side with those who renounced it.

Perhaps this was why I had stayed in my shuttles for so long, and had not wanted to become a "normal" player. Maybe this was also the reason that I liked the MC. In a world filled with violence and despair, at least they were loyal to their clients, even if their jobs often involved violently destroying others who had done them no harm. My label of "noble scum" seemed very appropriate.

On the other hand, perhaps I had undergone a fundamental misunderstanding of the nature of combat in EVE. What had particularly convinced me that I was missing something was the fact that when I had seen alliances fighting each other, the parties involved always seemed to enjoy it and were mostly very polite to each other.

I liked this kind of fighting immensely.

I wondered if the fact that I had not fought meant that I was missing a part of the EVE experience. I was undecided about it, because in thinking this I was measuring myself by "conventional" benchmarks.

After all, my adventure had been something spectacularly different to how most players exist in EVE, and in a way I very much liked the fact that I had approached things in such a novel and unique way. Perhaps the truth of the matter was that I was terrified of the prospect of forming an alliance, and of developing a project to create and defend a n00b outpost.

I was afraid of failure.

After safely arriving at the MC headquarters, and unexpectedly being on the receiving end of flattering romantic advances by one of the meaty mercenaries...

...I quickly grabbed a three-hour sleep (in my own bed), and awoke at 8am to take my place at the construction of their amazing new outpost. Maybe in helping to create it, I would in some small part gain a tiny glimpse into the future, and could imagine what it would feel like to build my own home.

(to be continued...)


Anonymous Ket Halpak said...

I hope you post lots of screenies of this outpost in contruction.

Why do people always try and pod you, it is quite obvious now that you are not a threat to anyone, and i am sure that you only mention 1/10th of the people that do actually kill, or try to kill you.

Some people will do anything for a bit of fame/noteriety

7:13 am  
Anonymous Mirasta said...

Probbly because not every one reads this blog and theres alot of issues about neutrals spying for pirates.

Thats why alliences addopt a NBSI policy...

And of couse there are pirates that just wanna shoot stuff.

8:41 am  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

I like shooting stuff. Why do you have to bring up my problem? It's not like everyone doesn't know about it already.
~third step to recovery in the Pirates Anonymous

11:08 am  

Is this Lord Jakara?

I looked you up recently and saw your sec status had dropped again.

You fell off the wagon!

Ket, some people also try to pod me because they know who I am. For example I was attacked last week and "sucks being famous doesn't it" was ruthlessly entered into the chat box by him...

We must rise up against these evil podders!

4:47 pm  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Very deep, inno. You should be a philosiphitizer.


8:07 pm  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

It's almost guaranteed that if you form your alliance and build an outpost, somebody at some point will try to take it from you. It could even be MC, though I suspect they'd decline the offer and move over there to cuddle with you instead.

Of course when your outpost is attacked, you'll have a lot of people in EVE to count on to help defend it. Perhaps MC will take a break from cuddling with you to actually defend the outpost.

Maybe you'll lose your station, but is that failure? Assuming that you ever get to that point, you'll be a person who's visited more of the EVE universe than most characters, raised more money doing less than any other character, used it to build a station, and entertained half the universe at the same time. All with maybe a year's gaming experience.

Of course you will and have been helped, but I don't think that if you achieve to even build an outpost, losing it qualifies as 'failure' anymore.

Heck, it's only a game, one that you've taken up to a new level for many readers by looking at it from a totally different perspective than most people.

Now go build that outpost soon, I'll be joining MC so I can cuddle with you when it's done.



11:55 pm  
Anonymous Pixmo said...

Shellfish and RED wine?

8:48 am  
Anonymous mirasta said...

Innon Mate, you have some expling to do...

whats all this about?

1:34 pm  
Anonymous mrbene said...


5:26 am  

Mirasta, my brutal killing of Jessica was detailed in a previous story.

I am still recovering from it....

4:16 pm  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

The existence of this blog does not mean that Innominate is not a spy or gathering useful intel where he goes.

12:40 pm  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

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10:21 pm  

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