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The Eve Online 0.0 Experiment - Post 086 - Opposing Forces (Part 1)

Opposing Forces (Part 1)

Some time later, I was contacted by a brave n00b who went by the name of Yancy Grieves. He had only been playing for a day or two but had heard of my adventures through space, and wanted to ask me for some advice regarding the scarier parts of the map:

In the end we decided it would be best for him to visit ISS first, and I was pleased to later hear that he had successfully completed his journey, and had not been horrifically murdered by merciless attackers.

Last night, after logging back in at the Mercenary Coalition, I started to think about where my fantastical journey would take me next. A large chunk of the map was still Terra Incognita to me, and there were many alliances whom I had not yet had the pleasure of either meeting or being violently extinguished by...

I eventually decided that since the MC were very close to "Band Of Brothers" space, the time had finally arrived for me to enter their vast citadel, and to seek the holy knowledge and wisdom of their infamous and feared organisation.

I informed some of the noble mercenaries of my plan:

I wondered what would lie in store for me at their hands, but part of me felt very reassured by the fact that throughout my life people had always told me that I was related to BOB, usually at the moment of successfully achieving something, or explaining its simplicity.

"Bob's your uncle" - they had said...

Safe with the new knowledge that the band of brothers were my uncle, I was curious to locate the promiscuous aunt who had been responsible for the creation of my disjointed family.

I then learned something truly shocking:

Well now I was absolutely terrified of the idea of building my own outpost! However, I did not know anything about the history of this event, so I decided that it would be best to find out what had actually caused it before making a viciously derogatory judgement on the matter...

I finally set off into the darkness of the space before me, and I observed the dots represeting BoB citadels glimmering on my map. I selected one of them, and began my journey towards the gates to their mighty fortress.

A few jumps later, I encountered a pilot from the "British Space Corps", who went by the name of "Snow Blizzard", and who struck up a friendly conversation with me.

Snow had invited me to visit his home, which was at an outpost that had been constructed by an alliance called "Dark and Light". I had never met D&L before, and knew nothing about them, so I decided to go and visit them as part of my imminent exploration of BoB space.

I received a very interesting welcome...


I wondered if I had been wickedly lured here under false pretences, so that the ravenous cads of the BSC could force me to watch digitally remastered Monty Python DVDs whilst the minions of Dark and Light kept pointing torches at my face and intermittently switching them on and off...

What kind of cruel and macabre torture was in store for me in this system at the back end of nowhere, where plagued cries of despair echoed throughout the halls of eternity, resonating in the afflicted memories of the sorrowful victims of these murderers.

Surprisingly, no torture was in store for me and nobody wanted to murder me. Snow Blizzard had been good to his word, and the Dark & Light alliance had made me blue, given me docking and clone rights, and had welcomed me into their home.

What a pleasant surprise!

After deciding to stay for a day or two, to learn about the history of the area, little did I know that I was imminently set to discover something truly astonishing...

(to be continued...)


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Please don't invoke Monty Python (Gods) name when related to someone who pretends to be from a "british" corp, and spells "youR are welLcome".... it's pure heresy.

8:34 pm  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

"Please don't invoke Monty Python (Gods) name when related to someone who pretends to be from a "british" corp, and spells "youR are welLcome".... it's pure heresy."
Quoted for truth

11:00 pm  


12:02 am  
Anonymous Ket Halpak said...

What a random descussion about podding. I would laugh if someone in Dark & Light moved your clone to empire space. Happened to me when BoB took GQ2

1:31 am  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

No offence Innominate, I love your work, and I know people sometimes bitch when you dont do the cliff hangar ending... but, like, cant you find some other way to end the chapters? Something new?

2:16 am  
Anonymous Angelis666 said...

little did I know that I was imminently set to discover something truly astonishing...

I found a button to disallow people going by the name 'anonymous'

3:48 am  

There are only so many ways you can say "something astonishing was about to happen", and I have already used about 70 of them, lol.

If you would like to suggest a new and exciting cliffhanger, I will certainly use it.

5:10 am  

Ket, my clone would default to my office in Heild in 0.3 empire if that happened.

5:12 am  
Anonymous Ket Halpak said...

Ah, i thought they could send it to any station they had docking rights at.

Here i was thinking that evoulution was being kind to us anzacs by not putting our clones on the other side of the universe.

A few ideas for clifhangers according to google translation:
Dann etwas Überraschen geschehen.
Puis quelque chose stupéfier produit.
Allora qualcosa stupire accaduto.
Então algo espantar-se acontecido.
Entonces algo el sorprender sucedido.

6:36 am  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

*** discovered something truely astonishing ...

... that there are no BoB in BoB space ;-)

Have fun


PS: Plenty of OTHER people, but hardly any BoB :-)

1:26 pm  
Anonymous Ream said...

BoBs my uncle too, we must be related.

1:41 pm  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Inno! Your good name is being besmerched, you must defend your honour!

5:10 pm  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

damn, that didn't work

5:10 pm  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

lol Inno

Fountain aint a safe place for n00bs.

I took celes up on their offer, I died lots but dint make any isk :(

Im back in safe space now licking my wounds, I might try ISS space now thou :P

4:53 am  

I have rebuked the besmirchment! It was a fun thread too.

Yancy, I take it thats you that went to C.A?

Sorry to hear you died out there (I was right, lol.) but on the plus side you got some good experience. :)

6:34 am  

Yancy, you have already contacted mein-game and informed me that you went to ISS. Elisa Day confirmed seeing you there too.

I'm wondering if an anon is posting, pretending to be you now...

The plot thickens...

6:37 am  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

When if ever are you going to visit the north-western regions of eve? Tribute and Venal have very favorable weather this time of year.

7:51 pm  
Anonymous FeralShadow said...

Very nice Innonimate! All i can say is really really funny and insightful entries! It'd be cool if i could fly with ya in Eve :)

3:24 am  

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