Saturday, November 11, 2006

The Eve Online 0.0 Experiment - Post 085 - Station Master (Part 3)

Station Master (Part 3)

I logged in the next morning, and was contacted again by Siigari Katawa, who had previously attempted to sell me a Damage Control II unit for 350 million isk.

Siigari explained that although 350m had turned out to be overpriced, the item had been selling for similar prices recently. I later checked on escrow, and saw that there were now 5 DCII units for sale at 220 mil each.

In light of the fact that prices have recently been fluctuating quickly on many items, I concluded that Siigari had not attempted to deceive me, and I simply put the matter down to her not having researched it sufficiently before contacting me. I therefore considered the matter closed.

A few minutes later, I observed my fearless mercenary friends boasting about their recent contracts:

I was extremely excited about being present at the construction of their new station, and part of me started to daydream that it was them who were present at the construction of my station..

On this basis, I decided that it was necessary to go and inspect my staff at the gatecamp, to ensure they were doing the job properly.

After arriving, and giving a stiff military salute to indicate my partial approval of the rank and file, I was once more subject to disturbing romantic advances at the hands of PMolkenthin:


I must say it was extremely forward of him to make such intimate gestures towards his leader, and I wondered if such outrageous activities should continue to be tolerated in my organisation. Maybe it would set a bad example for the other troops...

Members of the alliance FIX then arrived, to assist in the gatecamp, and I decided that I would take a chance and leave them all to manage things by themselves. After all, if you want your staff to improve themselves, it is necessary to give them a little bit of responsibility.

For the next hour or so, the fearless miners moved large quantities of construction components and minerals to the now 23-billion isk "egg", which was anchored at a planet.

This was all very interesting, but ultimately there was one single crucially important thing that was critical to the entire construction project, and naturally I was the only one competent enough to bear the burden of escorting this extremely valuable component to the egg:


Having nobly and valiantly completed my duty, and having lovingly sacrificed one and a half minutes of my time for the greater good, I decided that I would leave the trivial remainder of the project in the hands of my rabble of subordinates.

We completed the filling of the egg a mere 20 minutes before downtime and I then cunningly and eagerly waited right next to it, so that I could log in and immediately claim the crown of "first to dock" once downtime had ended.

My plan was successful, and after having been the first ever pilot to dock at the station (although being the owner of all this space anyway, it was surely my right!), I then undocked and grabbed a comparison picture:


I sat back and sipped some Bollinger in my new station, whilst pondering over the amazing sequence of events that had brought me here.

Shortly thereafter, my rampant basking in my own success was ruthlessly interrupted by one of the lower ranks of soldiers from FIX:

As soon as I noticed that the man who adored me had said "our station", reality kicked back in, and my delusion ended quicker than a film that had never been made.

The event had been an amazing experience, and I felt truly honoured that I had been invited to take part in the fun and excitement.

(to be continued...)


Anonymous Sonic Slayer said...

1st hah.

6:09 pm  


7:56 pm  
Anonymous Alex said...

As a RL supervisor, this entry made me lol several times. Well done :)

8:27 pm  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Man just started readin your blog. This is so AWESOME. What a story.

Harkonson (ingame ofc)

8:31 pm  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

I just found a french site that has all sorts of nice ships for you to oggle at. Some one far more intelligent and caring than I has probably shown it to you already, but I want to try to help too!

(Please note, it only works IN game, not out)

~I like faction ships too

9:35 pm  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Its so hard to get decent employees these days, right, Inno ?

Have fun


11:17 pm  
Blogger EVEAries said...

(Music time)

Inn-o, Inn-o
Tell me your answer, dooo
I'm all cra-zy waitin' and readin' you...
It won't be a stylish marrage,
I can't afford T2 Barrage..
But you'll look sweet, upon the seat, of a basic-shuttle built for twoooo


3:54 am  

I love that little ditty :)

5:22 am  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Your image of th convo with the MC guys and the helmet guy on the side...

Damn, this made me wonder if MC are the missing miner dude from the Village People. BTW, Actually some people said he was kidnapped by aliens and taken to a Galaxy far away.
And the station they are building is going to be the new YMCA...
As long as they don't start to sing that tune, I don't care anyway.

But if the MC are the offspring of the missing village people miner, they for sure should stop hiding their true orientation and join Backdoor Bandit's club.

10:24 am  
Blogger Reaph said...

Great Blog, hope to see something like that too some day when I grow up and dare to venture into 0.0.

3:35 pm  

Anon, given that Seleene is a woman who possesses a beard IRL (and it was backdoor bandit who told me this) I wonder if there is some truth to your scandalous accusations...

5:56 pm  
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