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The Eve Online 0.0 Experiment - Post 081 - Damage Dealing

Damage Dealing

The deal of a lifetime did not originate from the illustrious Alyx, but from an entirely different source instead.

Some time after having left the ghetto, I began my journey to the North-East of the map, and I abruptly received an evemail from a pilot called Siigari Kitawa, who invited me to make an offer on an exotic item called a "Damage Control II".

Naturally, having no need for such an item, I replied to the evemail indicating my distinct lack of interest. A few minutes later, a chat request box ruthlessly appeared on my screen, and after accepting, I was plunged into a conversation with the vendor of this item, who violently attempted to sell it to me:

Well, I was ecstatic to hear that I was being offered this joyous opportunity purely to bring delight to my adventure, and my natural impulse was therefore to immediately transfer all my worldly possessions and all my money in exchange for this wondrous piece of equipment...

However, I was unaware of the value of the glorious item, so I thought it would be best to declare this fact in advance, and to attempt to establish its true value, before throwing all my money at the seller in a fit of wanton shopaholic spending:

What a bargain of unsurpassed magnitude this must be!

Well at this point, I was ready to strip off the very clothing on my back, and to throw it at Siigari in a frenzy, to ensure I could purchase this masterpiece of manufacturing. Imagine the incredulous levels of damage I would hereafter be able to control, if I just spent 350,000,000 ISK on this great product.

I was salivating uncontrollably...

What a feeling it was, when some time later, after having decided to make my own enquiries into whether I should purchase this item or not, I discovered that there was already one of the great damage controllers up for sale on ESCROW...

...for 120 million isk less than the price I had been offered!

Well, I was absoulutely furious and enraged in an unrestricted manner at this revelation of financial skullduggery. The natural instinct, when being presented with this situation would be to quickly purchase the 230 million isk item in a frenzy, which is exactly why I did not...

What interested me about this whole affair was that the seller on escrow had placed the item up for one day only, and went by the name of "Shigawahhhhh", which sounded suspiciously like a contracted version of "Siigari Kitawa".

I therefore began to wonder if this was an intricate and elaborate ploy, cunningly designed to dupe me into purchasing the 230 million isk item, after being led to the impression that I had spotted a bargain due to the initial price being 350 million...

Suffice to say, I decided not to take up this particular offer.

Several jumps later, and after blindly flying through the 0.0 exit point from north-eastern empire, to luckily discover that there was no gatecamp there, I headed out into the dark expanse once more, in search of thrilling fun and adventure.

Just four jumps from the station FDZ4-A, I was overjoyed to be bitterly attacked by a Pure Alliance pilot called Lorn Yeager, who was positioned near the gate, and who tore my poor defenseless shuttle apart, and left me dangling in my poor defenseless pod..

However, having been brutally murdered many times previously, I decided to talk to my assailant, rather than insulting him, and I asked him if he would like to escort me to the station...

Surprisingly, he said yes:


Four jumps later, we arrived at FDZ4-A and Lorn helped me to safely dock, whereupon we had a conversation about his thrilling life in EVE:

A short while afterwards, something astonishing was set to happen...

(to be continued...)


Anonymous Anonymous said...

LOL @ the guy trying to scam you---

*subliminal message (STATION) subliminal message*


9:58 pm  

I haven't quite figured out whether it was or wasn't attempted fraud yet.

Either way, there was definitely something fishy about the whole proposition.

11:14 pm  
Anonymous Ket Halpak said...

What a well thought out and cunning plan he had to scam you. Gotta give him points for trying

11:34 pm  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

I've seen a few DC2's selling for 250-280. So 350 isn't outrageous but it's definately not a good deal.

12:30 am  
Anonymous Rilariel said...

just goes to show that with enough Charisma, you could sell sand to Saudis. maybe he had a +5 implant or something...

5:24 am  
Anonymous Monma Cicov said...

Siigari is a name I have not heard of for a while. I remember him/her from his/her days in Mamet, when my old corp was looking to form a new Alliance there. All I can say is well done for seeing straight through him/her. I could tell you a few stories about Sig. But you'd have to convo me.

1:08 pm  

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